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27 November 2023: Why cooked food, not raw food, is malnutrition. Organic banana peel instead of B12 supplement?

November 27, 2023. In the night, I woke up feeling very nauseous. When I went to pee, I got really dizzy. I drank a glass of water and was able to sleep a bit. My heart pounded when I lay down.

I went for a walk and bought bananas and mandarins (also tomatoes and cucumbers, all organic). I felt very tired and sleepy on the way, probably because I had woken up several times during the night. But the walk gave me strength and dispelled some of the tiredness.

During the walk, I thought it can't be unhealthy to eat only fruits, vegetables, and a few nuts. I think it's still more nutrient-rich than a ready-made pizza or cooked food, where many vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and also antioxidants are destroyed or left in the cooking water. So, I think with a B12 supplement, I won't suffer from any nutrient deficiencies on this raw diet. On the contrary, I should get more nutrients.

I made a fruit salad from mandarins and bananas for Mom, Laura, who came from Elia last night, and myself.

After eating, I lay in bed and learned something amazing that I didn't know and therefore didn't question: you can eat the banana peel, at least from organic bananas. It tastes especially good when the bananas are ripe. I found out on Wikipedia which nutrients are in the banana peel: it contains vitamins C, B5, B6, B9, K, and even B12! Also, carotenoids that protect against cancer, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. And of course, lots of fiber for a healthy microbiome.

What surprised me the most was the vitamin B12. The banana peel, in combination with the B12-producing microbiome, could be a sustainable solution for vegans to completely forgo B12 supplements.

I lay in Laura's bed thinking about Anna and why she hadn't responded to me for ten days. I decided to write to her:

»I thought we could go to Extrablatt at 4 PM, have a cocktail, and then go to the Christmas market for some treats. And for our second date, we'll definitely play the 'Tell Me More' game.«

»Oh, and Anna? I'd be thrilled to finally see and get to know you better!«

Surprisingly, she replied ten minutes later: »I have classes until 4 PM, why don't we meet directly at the Christmas market?«

Full of joy, I replied:

»Sounds good, I'm looking forward to Thursday with you! I'll be there at 4 PM and wait for you at the entrance to the Christmas market.«

When I looked out the window, the first snow was falling!

Then I thought about what a good greeting and farewell could look like to make a good first and last impression on Anna. I also thought of a few questions to ask her and what we could do at the Christmas market (drink something warm, eat crêpes, and then do some archery). Then I watched TV with Julien and Mom and talked about the high sugar consumption in modern society.

Learning: I can eat the organic banana peel from ripe bananas (huge reduction in organic waste, more nutrients for the price of the banana).