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September 28, 2023: The last karate lesson and bed hardness upgrade

September 28, 2023. Last night, I slept with the window open. I woke up often and could hardly fall asleep because the city noise was clearly audible. Occasionally, an ambulance passed by with sirens, waking me up. My shoulders and neck, protruding from the blanket, were cold. Around four o'clock, I closed the window again.

At 10:30 a.m., I sat in front of HanoMacke, drank my coffee, and read the book "How to Break the Ice". While reading, I learned that one should wait with smiling. When making eye contact with women, our eyes should stick together properly, and the gaze should be difficult (and slow) to avert. With men, I should stick slightly less to their eyes.

A college graduate in a suit approaches me and asks if I can take a photo. I agree and follow him to the lawn. He hands me his phone, I stand in front of a group of at least two dozen people, all of whom are also well-dressed. I take the first photo. Then I move a bit to the left, kneel down like a professional photographer, and take several photos. Then to the right. The group starts laughing.

On the way to karate, as I stroll through the E-Damm, a guy rushes past me on a skateboard. I think to myself: Isn't that a more minimalist alternative to the bike and faster than walking? I can even take the skateboard on the bus or train without having to pay extra. Maybe a skateboard or even a penny board would be something for me? It would replace my bike and at the same time, I would learn a new, minimalist way of getting around.

At the last karate class today at the university, I see Jule for the last time. I don't know if I will ever see her again.

Back home, I ring the bell upstairs at the neighbors. They have already picked up the package. I unpack my new mattress topper, which is only 3.5 cm thick, and let it lie for 2 hours to get rid of the chemical smell. This will be my new bed.

After my hair has dried after washing, I lie down on the new bed. It feels very comfortable, although it is slightly harder. It seems to make little difference whether I lie on 8 or 3.5 centimeters.

As I lie there, bored, I contemplate living without a refrigerator. I search for testimonials from people who already live without a fridge. It doesn't seem to be a big problem compared to living without a stove. You just have to adjust your eating habits a bit.

Microchange: I have replaced my 8 cm thick foam mattress, on which I sleep, with a 3.5 cm thick, compact foam mattress. This makes my bed slightly harder, but the body massage is more intense, and I can better counteract the decrease in bone density as I age.