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October 28, 2023: Why I want a prepaid card and thoughts of being homeless

October 28, 2023. Breakfast with Julien and Mom. I'm excited about Mom; she wants to sell her bed frame and sleep on the floor, on the slatted frame and the spring mattress. She says her room is very full, and she wants to create some space now.

Today, the keypad phone for 17 euros arrived. I still have to wait until the SIM card is activated. Then I will use the phone and see how I get along with it.

To get rid of my current phone contract, which runs for another two years, I found a Samsung Galaxy S6 in Borsum that no one needed anymore. In the garage, I found a suitable charging cable and was able to charge and turn it on. It worked perfectly.

I listed it on eBay Kleinanzeigen for free with the condition that my phone contract be taken over. My eBay ad had 15 favorites within minutes. I am confident that I will get rid of my contract this way, thereby eliminating a financial dependency (contractual obligation to monthly payments to the mobile service provider). This saves me from reminders or other worries that can arise if I can't make the payments. I am 1% freer and more independent. With a prepaid card, I can better control my costs and decide for myself whether to give my money to the mobile provider or not.

At 7 PM, when Dasha, Tobi and Laura were gone and Mom had gone to Julien's (we had met for coffee, and Mom had decaf coffee; apparently, my stories had an effect), I sinned and ate bread with fruit tea after 6 PM while watching people on YouTube living without smartphones.

Then I let myself be inspired by the search results on YouTube and typed "living without ..." into the search bar. The first thing I entered was "living without w...". I was suggested "living without a home". That sounded interesting. I wondered: If I only had a backpack, I could quickly move in anywhere. How complicated is it to be homeless in Germany? I planned to keep this thought of "being homeless" and explore it further as soon as I can carry all my belongings at once.

In the evening, another idea came to me on how I could save a lot of plastic, namely by shopping at the organic market. Because the kidney beans, etc., are all in jars and not in cans. I will occasionally check out Denns Biomarkt at E-Damm.