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September 29, 2023: I no longer own a fridge

September 29, 2023. I slept much better on the thinner mattress and woke up refreshed at 7 a.m. Therefore, I will definitely sell the thicker mattress.

When I arrived at the library around 8 a.m., I went up the stairs and wondered: How can I get up the stairs the fastest? I skipped two steps and found that it was faster and apparently less strenuous. But what happens if you skip even more steps? Will it be even faster? It's certainly a challenge to skip three steps on the library stairs because you have to be flexible. And how do you get down the stairs the fastest? After coffee at 9 a.m. (unfortunately, I didn't fast until 10 a.m.), I tried it on the way to the 4th floor. It also seems here that you are faster when you skip the steps. However, it takes some getting used to if you have never skipped stairs before.

After drinking my vegan banana shake at Café Kopi and reading Lina's book, I walked home. After further research, I decided not to use either a refrigerator or a dishwasher.

While drawing a picture of the Gauss's Integral Theorem, I wonder: What would society be like without money? If everything were free for everyone. People would work voluntarily. Suddenly, open source comes to mind. People volunteer to program, and I can use Drupal for free. Maybe I should use more open-source software? For example, instead of Illustrator, an open-source alternative? Or LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Word? I write down the idea immediately.

My thick mattress was picked up for 20 euros. The guy spoke English and said he liked my YouTube channel. I thanked him.

After that, I downloaded Inkscape as an alternative to Illustrator, LibreOffice, and DaVinci Resolve to learn it. Once I can work with it, I won't need any paid software anymore.

When my laptop shut down at 9 p.m., I had the idea to remove the white cover from the mattress. After all, I sleep on my black bedsheet. I don't need the white cover. I offered it on eBay Classifieds. People there take everything if it's free.

Another thought came to me today: Living without liability insurance? Isn't that a business with fear? How likely is it that I will suffer property or personal damage? Do people in other countries also have liability insurance? After all, I don't own any objects or electrical appliances that I could break. As a raw vegan, I wouldn't use fire (stove). I also don't drive a car or motorcycle that could run over people or things. How could I possibly cause a major, unaffordable damage with my possessions and lifestyle? Waiving liability insurance might even change my behavior so that I handle things more carefully and don't endanger anyone through my behavior. But I'm not brave enough. The fear of living without liability insurance is too great for me at the moment.

Microchange: I no longer own a refrigerator and do not use it in the shared apartment.