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October 3, 2023: Domain changed from "" to ""

October 3, 2023. I slept in today until half past nine, even though I probably went to bed around 10 p.m. yesterday. I think it's due to two things: 1) I wake up more at night because I often change my sleeping position on the hard floor. 2) Because I haven't had coffee for two days, and my body needs the rest it requires.

I prepared the breakfast table and, among other things, put bell peppers, carrots, and my healthy salad on the table so that Mom learns not only to eat bread with highly processed vegan convenience products.

After breakfast, I continued reading Lina's book. Today I learned an interesting thing that I want to adopt, and that is "clapping first as a winner." I shouldn't be a follower and wait for others to clap, but I should be the leader and clap when I like it.

I went for a barefoot run. It was very windy. I took Lina's book with me to internalize some lessons while walking and apply them next time. Back home, I had Cevapcici with potatoes with Laura and Mom, then worked on my website and considered what else I could remove or simplify. I removed the website search because it didn't work well anyway and uninstalled some extensions in the Plesk management system. I'm not only thinking about what I could minimize in my personal life but also in my website and all online projects.

Today I had the idea to rename my website to "Fufaev" or "Supermensch" ("Supermensch" because I want to develop further to become a superhuman. I would share this journey with my readers on the website). I decided on "Fufaev." It would be weird if I were famous and someone asked me, "Hey, are you the Supermensch?" Similarly, I would find it odd if someone addressed me as "Hey, are you the Universal Thinker?" I prefer to be addressed by my last name.

Microchange: I changed the address of my website from to One of my thoughts was to use the Mere Exposure Effect. The more people read my name "Fufaev," the more familiar and positive they will become with it. And I don't want to be addressed as "Universaldenker" on the street, but as "Fufaev."