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August 30, 2023: Life without an alarm clock and only one bed sheet. No more laundry basket.

August 30, 2023. When I opened my backpack this morning, I found water inside. Foolishly, I had forgotten to close my thermos. To get rid of the water, I opened the window and poured it out. That’s when I made a second mistake: I had forgotten to close the zipper of the small side pocket inside the backpack, causing some items to fall out.

"Damn," I muttered and looked out from the first floor to the yard. There, on the grass, was my bank card. I hurriedly checked the side pocket to see what else had fallen out. "The cash is here. But where is the key?" The key must have fallen out too, as the side pocket of the backpack was the only place I was allowed to keep it. Every item had its assigned place. Panicking, I looked out the window and scanned the area with my eyes. But I couldn't see it.

I quickly ran to Lina’s room. Fortunately, she was working from home today. I told her what had happened and asked for the key to the basement. Then, through the basement and into the garden. I picked up my bank card and looked at the metal bars right by the house.

"What luck," I found the key hanging right on one of the bars. If it had fallen any deeper, I would have had to remove this grate to reach it.

Since this incident, I never forget to close the side pocket in my backpack. I calmed down again and thought with a grin on my face: "This is the real reason why every item should have a designated storage place." If I had placed my items in random places, I wouldn't know exactly what had fallen out of the backpack.

After this incident, I headed to Harsum for brunch with Mom. Lauri was currently on Crete with her friend Nani – a vacation she had worked for at her café job. I got up early today so I could take a longer walk from Harsum to Borsum. My thicker yoga mat and toe socks, which I had been eagerly awaiting, should also arrive in Borsum today. I carried my laundry basket with one of my bed sheets inside.

Before leaving, I decided to implement my idea of getting by with just a bed sheet and without a laundry basket. I could simply place the dirty laundry on the floor, not necessarily needing a laundry basket. Since I didn’t have much laundry anyway, the pile wouldn’t be too noticeable. As for the bed sheet, I had always managed with just one. "If I have to sleep a night without a bed sheet because it’s still drying, the world won’t end," I thought. This way, I had one less textile to wash, dry, fold, and store.

During my forty-minute walk, I came up with an interesting idea to further reduce the hustle and stress from my daily life. I decided to completely turn off my alarm clock and leave my smartphone in my backpack before going to bed. After all, I didn't have a job where I had to show up at a specific time. I could sleep until my body woke up naturally from the sunlight – and hopefully not from the noise of neighbors or roommates. "Listen to the body and not the alarm clock," I pondered.

After brunch, I continued researching dental health to avoid cavities due to the lack of fluoride in my toothpaste tablets. I learned that short-chain carbohydrates found in white flour serve as food for cavity-causing bacteria. Therefore, I resolved to prefer whole grain bread as much as possible, as it consists of long-chain carbohydrates that aren’t broken down directly in the mouth, making it less easy for cavity-causing bacteria to feed on.

Then I came across the importance of saliva in cavity prevention again. Saliva only fully develops its protective potential against cavities after a longer break from eating, and remineralization becomes more effective the longer saliva has uninterrupted contact with the teeth. I already knew a lot about the health benefits of fasting, such as a slowed aging process. Together with my research on cavities, the health arguments convinced me to stop eating after 6 p.m. This would not only give my saliva more time but also allow my body more time for regeneration in the evening and at night.

  1. It is crucial to assign every item a designated storage place, not only for better organization but also to avoid constantly searching for items.
  2. I prefer whole grain bread over white flour bread to improve my dental health.
  3. I should try to stop eating in the evening to give my body more time to regenerate in the evenings and at night. By ending meals early, I also improve my sleep since I don’t eat late at night.

Micro Changes:

  1. I no longer set an alarm in the morning. Instead, I let my body decide when I am rested. Without an alarm, I wake up much more relaxed and rested. Without an alarm clock, I can leave my smartphone turned off in my backpack, reducing the temptation to quickly check WhatsApp or dating apps.
  2. I have reduced the number of my bed sheets from 2 to 1.
  3. I no longer own a laundry basket. Instead, I place the small pile of dirty laundry directly on the floor.