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September 30, 2023: No more bank account fees. Use Ecosia. Prefer open source.

September 30, 2023. This morning, I woke up around 7 a.m. and wondered when Anna would get in touch. She hasn't reached out yet.

While waiting for the bus, I decided to only have one account. Why do I still have sub-accounts anyway? I didn't want to live beyond my means. But now that I have to spend much less and can manage my money better, I don't need sub-accounts anymore. So, I closed my sub-accounts and transferred all the money to my main account.

In the library, I took the stairs and skipped two steps. Once upstairs, I transferred all debits to my main account. Then I canceled my premium account and switched to a free checking account. This saves me 5 euros a month.

When I briefly logged into Amazon to change my IBAN, I wondered if I should delete my Amazon account. After all, I don't want to buy new products, only used ones. I'll think about it later.

Then I deleted PowerPoint and Excel since I rarely use them and don't need them at the moment. Now I only use Calc and Impress from LibreOffice. I also checked the settings of LibreOffice Writer and deactivated and hid everything I don't need. Additionally, I chose a compact layout and changed the document background to black.

I delved a bit deeper into Google and privacy and decided to switch my default search in Safari to Ecosia. They invest 100% of their profits in sustainable projects and don't spy on you like Google, which I greatly appreciate!

Today, I really indulged. During the day, I ate loads of cookies. And after 9 p.m., I had bread with Nutella and then turned off my laptop to watch "Lanz" with Harald Lesch. After that, I had severe heartburn. I woke up at 2:20 a.m. with a burning sensation in my esophagus. It was a terrible feeling.

  1. My bank account is now free. This gives me an extra 5 euros monthly.
  2. Deleted PowerPoint and Excel, using free apps "Calc" and "Impress" instead.
  3. Changed Safari's default search from Google to Ecosia.