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30 November 2023: Heart has neurons and generates a magnetic field

November 30, 2023. It was 6 AM and still completely dark. I was still thinking about Anna. I wondered why she had changed her mind so suddenly. Then I googled her behavior: Either she was playing a game to see if I was really interested, or it was due to her attachment issues and my very passionate and open way of showing interest to someone.

That's when I came across the term "heart-brain." The heart has over 40,000 neurons, functioning like its own brain. But most fascinatingly, the heart generates a magnetic field that extends up to two meters from the body. It influences the brainwaves of people nearby.

I took the bus because it was waiting directly at the stop when I arrived. I bought a quark pastry, a Franzbr├Âtchen, and a butter pretzel corner at Lidl, then went up to the fourth floor of the Conti Campus Library.

Around 10 AM, I took a coffee and pastry break at HanoMacke. Maxi walked past me and kept looking at his phone.