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August 31, 2023: Try out toe socks. Short instead of long charging cable

August 31, 2023. "I’ll keep my mattress for now," I thought as I woke up this morning with aching forearms, back, and hips on the yoga mat. Sleeping on the yoga mat was hell. I woke up several times during the night due to the pain and didn’t feel rested at all. "I’m not going through that again," I thought, "I need to take it slower."

After breakfast, Mom and Julien left, and I rested on the soft couch for a while. I was woken up by the doorbell. It was the postman with a package for me. It was the toe socks. Eagerly, I unpacked the package, took off my socks, and tried to put a toe sock on my right foot. "How tedious," I thought as I tried to squeeze each toe into the sock. After minutes of putting them on, I stood up and walked around the apartment a bit. They didn’t feel very comfortable and looked so strange, like I had gloves on my feet. But I wasn’t deterred by my skepticism yet and wanted to give the toe socks time to prove themselves. After all, they were supposed to prevent smelly feet, blisters, and squished toes. Short iPhone Charging Cable by Alexander Fufaev

The package also contained a short iPhone charging cable that I had ordered the day before yesterday. It was black and only thirteen centimeters long, replacing my white, fifty-centimeter-long charging cable. The advantage of this short cable was that it created less cable clutter in my backpack along with other cables and also looked much more minimalist on the table when I connected my smartphone to the laptop with it.

After a small bread snack, I headed back home. Instead of taking the bus from Borsum to Harsum, I chose the sunny field path. On the way, out of sheer curiosity, I took off my glasses to see if I could enjoy nature just as much without them with my over three diopters. Apart from the gravel road directly under my feet, many things were blurry. The distant landscapes were unappreciable. I sighed. Yet it felt so much freer not to have glasses on my nose and ears, not to see the frame, and not to have dust particles or smudges on the glass that I had to wipe away.

Upon arriving in Harsum, I put my glasses back on and strolled to the train station. Along the way, I discovered an apple tree whose branches extended over the fence onto the sidewalk. I stopped and reached up to pick an apple. I took a bite.

"Well, did the stolen apple taste good?" I heard from the right. A few meters away, a woman stood by a car, looking at me with a serious expression.

"It was the tastiest bite into a sour apple," I commented. The woman laughed, and I continued on my way.

Micro Change: I have replaced my white, 50 cm long smartphone charging cable with a black, 13 cm long cable. I now charge my smartphone directly via my laptop using this cable.