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July 4, 2023: "Little Women" makes me want to continue writing my story

July 4, 2023 I was on the third floor of the library for a change and was very surprised that Nina had sat down at my table. Maybe she was no longer with her boyfriend? Or had she suddenly developed an interest in me? It didn't really matter to me. If she was interested, she could go ahead and make the first move. After all, she knew that I liked her. At the moment, I was only interested in whether she was sitting here on purpose.

My thoughts of her were distracted by a computer scientist who joined me. He praised the cover of my formulary, which was lying on the table next to me. I gave it to him and showed him my YouTube channel. We whispered to each other until a member of staff reminded us to be quiet over the intercom.

Primetime was approaching. I was looking forward to popcorn and the university movie theater. "Little Women" was showing today. I invited Luisa again, but she could only come if her friend from Berlin canceled. In the end, she canceled.

Equipped with popcorn and BioZisch lemonade, I waited excitedly for the movie. Little did I know that it would inspire me to start a project that would accompany me throughout my life. The movie was about four sisters fighting against social expectations in the nineteenth century. One of the sisters, Jo, who wanted to become a famous writer one day, had managed to publish a novel about her and her sisters at the end of the movie. And she had done it as a woman. The final scene spurred me on to continue my life story.

I decided to continue writing my neglected autobiography book, which only told the story of my life up to the time of my bachelor's degree. There was to be no end to this story.

As I walked home through the lantern-lit streets, I could suddenly imagine my life story becoming world-famous. Without this inspiring movie, I probably would never have written my story to this point.