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September 4, 2023: Date with Steffi. Merino wool experiment and 1 sweater instead of 3

On September 4, 2023, I had a date with thirty-five-year-old Steffi, whom I met on Bumble. She was a physical education teacher at a vocational school and was returning today from her cycling tour from Germany to Sweden.

Just before the date at the Conti Campus, I bought plums, tomatoes, bananas, and apples so we would have something to snack on during our picnic. I waited for her outside the cafeteria in my black shorts, a black T-shirt, and sockless Birkenstock shoes.

At that moment, I didn't know that this date would be a total disaster. Steffi seemed bored from the beginning, and even during the picnic on the campus lawn, she rarely looked me in the eyes, but rather to the side. In reality, she was even less my type, too mature and somehow too old for me.

I don't know what I, or rather, my penis, was thinking going on this date. I was relieved when the date was over. Actually, I should have ended the date much earlier, but out of kindness, I couldn't manage it. And she probably couldn't either. A few days later, she messaged me on Bumble saying that she didn't feel a connection. I replied, "I'm very glad we're on the same page. Take care, Steffi!" and unmatched her.

After the date, I took a stroll through the Georgengarten, as I had a little over an hour until karate, and snacked on a few plums. I stopped eating at exactly six o'clock, as I had planned.

After karate, I already put my fancy black Oxford shoes in the corner, as I was already thinking of switching to barefoot shoes. The Oxford shoes, which squeezed my toes and gave me blisters, were the exact opposite of a healthy shoe. So I wanted to replace them regardless of whether I ended up switching to barefoot shoes or not.

The next day, while researching the different materials T-shirts are made from, I came across merino wool. I wanted to replace my cheap cotton T-shirts with high-quality ones that absorb less odor and dry faster. So, in my research, I focused less on the price and more on the quality and functionality. Merino wool was exactly the material I was looking for. It barely absorbed odor, and according to YouTube reviews, you could wear such a T-shirt for weeks without it starting to smell.

For experimental purposes, I ordered a black T-shirt made of one hundred percent merino wool for a hefty seventy euros. Not comparable to my five-euro T-shirt.

I put one of my T-shirts in the corner to take it to the clothing donation bin later. As I took the T-shirt off the hanger, I looked at my two non-black sweaters. "Actually, I don't want to wear non-black clothing," a thought occurred to me. I regarded them more as emergency sweaters. But since it was early September and still very warm, I wasn't wearing sweaters yet. I decided to also put the two colored sweaters in the corner and get by with just one sweater next winter. If I couldn't manage, I could buy a merino wool sweater.

Microchange: I have reduced the number of my sweaters from 3 to 1 for now, thus eliminating my non-black sweaters.