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November 4, 2023: Experiment: dumb phone instead of smartphone

November 4, 2023. I woke up at 9 AM this morning. In the bathroom, I noticed that my face was very red. I probably ate too much peanut butter before going to bed last night.

In the bathroom, I took my smelly towel into the room and packed it along with my bedding into my cloth bag because today I wanted to go to Borsum and wash them there. The towel needs to be washed with detergent until I find a better solution.

After that, I vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen, then walked to the main train station. On the way there, I bought a bag of quark pastries and bee sting pastries at Lidl. Then I bought another bag of the same. I gave one bag to a homeless person sitting outside Lidl asking for food. Since I didn't have cash to donate, I bought him some food with my card.

It was nice walking through Lister Meile and feeling the warm sun rays on my face. I called Mom. She said I could come at 2 PM. With almost three hours to spare, I sat at Kreipes Coffee Time and fixed a few bugs on my website while drinking decaffeinated oat milk latte. I could have had tea, but I was glad I had gotten into the habit of drinking decaf coffee in cafes.

Afterwards, I drove to Borsum. Mom was studying for her further education and preparing wedding soup. Then Laura came home and the three of us had lunch together.

After that, Mom drove to Julien's and I read the book "CLEAN" by James Hamblin in the living room. Alongside, I ate chocolate rolls, yogurt, and other snacks, and drank lupine coffee with whipped cream, my new favorite drink here in Borsum.

My prepaid card was now activated and I inserted the corresponding SIM card into my feature phone, which I will now use in daily life to get used to it. I left the old SIM card from the old contract, which unfortunately still has another year and a half left, in my iPhone.

Starting next week, I'll just leave the iPhone at home and get used to being without internet, Google Maps, and other apps while out and about.

Once I switched the SIM card, Robert called me. What perfect timing, I told him. He was actually in the 4th floor of the library on a Saturday and hadn't seen me. He wanted to ask if I was there too. He also said that after our conversation about minimalism, he felt even more inspired to explore it.

"We'll definitely see each other next week," I said to him on my new feature phone.

"We'll keep in touch."

In the evening, I decided to sleep without a duvet as a base. So just on a bedsheet directly on a carpet. It's much harder to lie on. But I'll give it a try. Tomorrow is Sunday, so I can sleep as long as I want. I want to practice.