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January 5, 2024: Breathing too much causes mineral deficiency, Johanna the Violinist and debilitating seborrheic eczema

January 5, 2024. I woke up at 9 AM and continued reading the book "Breath." I learned something interesting about how mineral deficiencies can occur.

Most cell functions operate at a blood pH of about 7.4. To maintain this value, the body has various buffer systems, such as the liver. And here's the astonishing part: if these buffer systems are overtaxed for months or years, for example, because we breathe too much (making the blood more alkaline), it can lead to a mineral deficiency. These buffer systems use the body's resources to keep the blood pH constant at 7.4. If we breathe more than the body needs, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and other minerals are excreted in the urine. Even the bones are weakened if we over-breathe.

At 10 AM, I took a shower. I still have redness on my face with flakes that can be scraped off with a fingernail and greasy scales at the hairline. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the anti-dandruff shampoo prescribed by the dermatologist, so I used an anti-dandruff shampoo from the bathroom. These facial redness and psoriasis stress me a lot.

I also showered with lukewarm water. Somehow, I've neglected cold showers in winter. I only sprayed my legs and genital area with cold water. Then I used the antifungal cream prescribed by the doctor, which I had left here in Borsum and fetched from the medicine cabinet.

Breakfast with Mom, as she has the day off (Julien has gone to work). The lupine coffee was all gone, so I drank nettle tea instead, although it was hard to resist the enticing aroma of the coffee from Mom's cup. I added some maple syrup to the tea, almost used honey, but then I remembered: No, you are vegan now!

I edited a YouTube video. The sun came out. I briefly went out onto the balcony and soaked up the sun. It felt so good. Humans are like plants - only with the sun can they thrive, I thought, while Mom vacuumed the living room with her new vacuum cleaner that she bought from Dascha and Tobi.

In Laura's room, I ate a bowl of grapes and continued working on the video. I also noticed how the loud noises from cleaning, vacuuming, and Mom's nagging when something wasn't where it should be stressed me out. I even noticed my breathing getting faster. I need headphones to calm down.

At 1:30 PM, I quickly went to buy potatoes for lunch. I jogged to the store, breathing through my nose the whole time. As it got more strenuous, I felt the urge to open my mouth, but I managed to hold it back. Only shortly before reaching the supermarket did I reach the point where I had to open my mouth. At that point, I stopped running.

After eating oven-baked potatoes at 3:30 PM, my stomach was full, but I was still hungry. So, I ate even more...

At 4:47 PM, I took the train home. I met Lauri as she was getting off the train. I sat in a four-seater, one of the few free spots. In front of me sat a brunette with a nose piercing, several earrings, a half-taken-off black jacket, and black jeans. She scrolled through Instagram Reels the whole time, rarely looking away. I liked her, despite her zombie-like state. I only looked at my phone once.

She had trimmed fingernails, which I really liked. Unfortunately, she also had an Apple smartwatch. When she looked up, she either looked to the left or to the right. She seemed shy. I tried to catch her gaze. In vain.

As I got off the train at Hannover main station, I spoke to her on the stairs.

»I was sitting across from you. Found you cute. Do you want to...«, she interrupted me, »I already have a boyfriend, but I wish you a nice weekend.«

»Oh okay, otherwise I would have invited you for a coffee«, I finished my sentence, »I wish you a nice weekend with your boyfriend! Bye!" She smiled. Our paths separated.

At home, only Thomas was there, which I could tell by the light shining through the door gap. I felt like going out partying today, despite my tiredness, visible through yawning and sleepy eyes on the train. At home, I finished editing the English video about photons.

I went out, talked to a few people, and met Johanna. We sat next to each other on the tram, and I spoke to her as I got off at Vahrenwalder Platz. She wore hot black leggings and was pulling a small suitcase. She usually commutes from Lübeck to Hannover. So, today as well. She studies music at Leibniz University and plays the violin. She gave me her phone number. At 8:45 PM, I texted Johanna.

I went out at 10 PM to get cocoa. I didn’t want to drink coffee, so I got myself a cocoa. Unfortunately, I forgot that the cocoa from the Backfactory machine isn’t vegan.

Then I went to Dax. I’m proud of myself for not smoking a single cigarette, as I had planned. Today, four floors were open. I danced, but I wasn’t successful with women today. I danced with two women, but it somehow scared them off. I still need to learn how to dance with a woman without it seeming creepy.

On the way back, I got watermelon at Back-Factory. I had lost a lot of water while dancing. When I got home, Johanna had texted me. She can’t on Sundays, but she’s free on Thursday mornings or afternoons.

Health Analysis:
  • Bowel movements: 12:50 PM (solid), 4 PM (solid), 6:25 PM (mushy, smelly).
  • Food: 11-12 PM (two rolls, two toasts with arugula, bell pepper, romaine lettuce, cucumber, and vegan sausage substitute), 12:30 PM (light grapes), 3:30 PM (oven-baked potatoes with vegan cheese, onions, Brussels sprouts, then some of yesterday’s potato soup, then two toasts with vegan chocolate spread), 8:30 PM (oven-baked potatoes, then two slices of melon and a mandarin), 4 PM (a few slices of watermelon).
  • Physical condition: Itchy scalp. Otherwise, I feel healthy.
  • Mood: Good.
  • Physical changes: Still redness on the face with flakes that can be scratched off with a fingernail, and oily flakes on the hairline.

Learning: Mineral deficiency can be caused by chronic overbreathing. Therefore, it is important to inhale only as much oxygen as the body needs.

Downgrade: I am using a small pillow again to sleep more easily on the yoga mat.