Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

June 5, 2023: The fourth housemate

June 5, 2023. It was evening. I was completely drenched in sweat on my way home from karate. While waiting for the bus, I checked my phone and noticed a WhatsApp message from an unknown number:

"Hey Alexander! It's Marie. We could meet up in the next few days. :)"

A feeling of happiness washed over me. I immediately recorded a voice message:

"Hey Marie. I'm thrilled that you reached out. Would you like to meet up tomorrow or the day after in a café? When works for you? Let me know..."

At home, I played a Harry Potter playlist, lay down on my bed, and had a constant grin on my face. Then the doorbell rang. It must have been Chiara, our new fourth roommate in the flatshare. All I knew about her was her name and that she was a doctoral student. I didn't even have a clue what she looked like.

Vanessa, Lina, and I welcomed her at the door. I introduced myself, and she mentioned that she had just traveled seven hours from Lake Constance. Suddenly, the three girls started small-talking about religious holidays in Bavaria and Lower Saxony. I just stood there, trying to listen to this boring topic. Shortly after, Vanessa went to the laptop, while Lina explained how to take the bus from Jahnplatz to the Conti Campus.

"I always go there too," I commented.

"Oh really?" said Chiara.

"Yes, I work in the library there. Well... I'm not employed or anything. I just always sit there. And the cafeteria is right next door. Perfect, so I don't have to cook."

"I've actually never been to the cafeteria. But someday, I'd like to go too."

Lina discreetly disappeared into her room, leaving only Chiara and me in the hallway.

"Are you a doctoral student at the university?" I asked her.

"Yes, exactly."

"Ah! Then you also have the privilege of eating at student prices."

"Not quite yet. That still needs to be set up. But yes, once I'm officially enrolled as a doctoral student at the university, it should work."

"Hmm. Was that also the reason why you moved here? Because you got a doctoral position here?"

"Yes, exactly."

"In what field?"

"German Studies. But I studied Italian and Spanish."

"Italian? Why is that?"

She talked about it, but my interest waned, and I wanted to quickly return to my room to continue listening to music and thinking about Marie. Chiara was nice, but the conversation was just boring.