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October 5, 2023: Once Merino wool, always Merino wool

October 5, 2023, I'm so proud of myself! I haven't had a coffee in five days. And every day I feel less and less like coffee, even though I can smell her deliciously fragrant coffee at breakfast with my mom. Yesterday, Mom bought a lupine coffee so that we could try it instead of coffee. It's caffeine-free and I've never had it before in my life. Unfortunately, Mum didn't like it, but I thought it was okay, definitely better than the spelt coffee. And the two coffee alternatives are more sustainable anyway.

Today I went back to Hanover and borrowed some more reading material from Lina: "The Laws of Winners" and "Think Again: The Power of Flexible Thinking".

And as for the merino wool: I'm in love. I've been wearing the same merino T-shirt for 7 days without washing it because it just doesn't smell. Unimaginable with cotton!