Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

5 December 2023: Upgrading the gloves to merino wool and a strange dream

5 December 2023, I woke up at four in the morning. I thought about Rebekah. Do we go together? Then I thought about Anna and how she sees me in the library with Rebekka and gets annoyed. Then I thought about Nelli, who wrote me an email and wants to meet me, but I reply: "In a parallel universe. I'm focussing on another girl now, Rebekka". Then I thought of Luisa in tight leggings, got a hard-on and jerked off.

After that, I was relaxed and fell asleep. I had a dream:

I'm walking along a forest path. A woman passes me with her dog. I start jumping to attract her attention and at the end of the path I jump towards her. At the end of the path, I hop towards her. Then I see some people sunbathing by a river at the side of the path, including two girls in bikinis lying on the ground. One of the girls gets up and walks away. I speak to the other girl. She seems dismissive. She gets down on all fours with her bum facing me and makes a hollow back so that her labia are sticking out.

"Oh, look, a lion," I said. She looked at him and "oh hello" and snuggled up to him.

The lion looked at me with his devilish eyes and wanted to pounce on me. I took a step to the side and he fell into the lake. I climbed onto the roof.

"Are you stupid?" I shouted to the woman who was also chasing me. The lion ran after her, spotted me again and tried to climb onto the roof too.

I heard the sound of the washing machine from the kitchen. I woke up.

In the kitchen, I have a quick chat with Lara. She's travelling to Berlin today for a training course. Then I went to the library. On the way, I bought two butter croissants and a quark pocket.

I was in the library at around 9.50am and forgot to take my water bottle with me. So I went to the supermarket again. I saw Rebekka in the library foyer. She seemed to have ignored me or it was just my imagination and she just didn't see me. She was sitting in the library cafeteria, right by the window. When I went out, turned right and walked past the window, she took something out of her bag next to it and didn't see me.

I bought a bottle of mineral water. Then back to campus. I drank a peppermint tea at HanoMacke and ate butter croissants. Maxi was standing behind the counter doing something on her mobile phone.

As I put the cup back and looked briefly at Maxi, she looked up from her mobile phone and smiled at me, but I quickly averted my gaze, turned around and walked purposefully back to the library with quick steps. I didn't want her to get the impression that I was still interested. That would only put her off.

Away from the canteen, I headed straight for the library window, where Rebekka was sitting in the corner. She seems to be more of a loner. I went to the window and knocked. Rebekka saw me and smiled at me. I waved to her. She probably thought at that moment, "Oh no, not him again". I didn't want to impose on her and just went back up to the fourth floor.

Around 3 pm, I travelled home and bought some fruit and vegetables at Edeka on Kröpcke. On the tram, I looked at my mobile phone out of curiosity. And sure enough: "Hello, this is Rebekka". I was delighted. I thought Rebekka wasn't going to get back to me at all.

Collected my merino gloves from the post office and suggested meeting Rebekka today at 5pm outside the Christmas market to have a warm drink together, have a snack and get to know each other. She suggested tomorrow as she has to do something for uni.

I familiarised myself with the novel "The Master and Margarita", Rebekka's favourite book, and decided to listen to the accompanying audio book after my laser eye surgery. I have to take it easy on my eyes after the operation anyway.

Microchange: Replaced my bulky leather gloves with compact black merino wool gloves, which are even warmer than my old thicker gloves.