Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

January 6, 2024: I no longer own any bed sheets. Feline at Hugendubel

January 6, 2024. I got up at 11 AM. After a fruit breakfast, I sat in "Coffee Time" behind the opera. At a single table right by the window with a view of the opera square. It's raining outside. In the background, jazz music is playing and I hear the murmur of people as I work on my website: changed URLs, adjusted navigation, revised task structure.

Around 4 PM, I noticed a pretty woman entering Hugendubel. At the entrance by the bestsellers, I approached Felinie and gave her my number. Afterwards, I had a falafel wrap at "Hey Ferry."

At 5:30 PM, I went back home, and while eating grapes and clementines, I had the idea that I don't need bedsheets if I sleep on a yoga mat. I immediately put the idea into action. I took my bedsheets straight to the clothes donation container.

Health Analysis:

  • Bowel movements: 11 AM (mushy, smelly).
  • Food: 11 AM (three slices of melon, two bananas), 12:30 PM (green smoothie, large cocoa with oat milk), 4:30 PM (falafel wrap), 5:40 PM (250g grapes, two clementines), 7:45 PM (cocoa with oat milk).
  • Physical condition: Good, feeling more rested with the pillow. Muscle soreness/pain in the shins while walking.
  • Mood: Good.

Microchange: I no longer own bedsheets. This is a huge relief when doing laundry, as bedsheets are enormous.