Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

June 6, 2023: Forgot my rucksack with my Macbook Pro inside

June 6, 2023. The next morning, after shopping, I planned to go to the hairdresser to tidy up my hair and beard. So, I stood in front of the entrance of a hair salon at Kröpcke and noticed that they also served walk-ins. The price list was displayed on the glass window. One of the hairdressers opened the glass door and invited me in.

"Come on! 15 euros, no appointment needed and quick!" he said as if he were a trader at a bazaar.

Without much thought, I agreed.

"How many millimeters?" he asked with a grin on his face.

"Um, please without the machine. Just a bit shorter on the sides and tidy up my beard, please," I replied.

Without further questions, he started working.

It was indeed quick. With my new, neat haircut, I strolled to the tram and got on. At Steintor, I noticed that it was somehow lighter on my shoulders. I realized that I had left my backpack in the hair salon. I got off at Steintor and ran back to the hairdresser as fast as I could.

I was out of breath when I arrived there.

"Sorry, I left my backpack here," I said.

"It's over there," one of the hairdressers pointed to a chair.

I went to it, opened the laptop compartment, and was very relieved to see that my MacBook was still there. I put the backpack on and left the salon. I stood outside and wondered what I was actually planning to do. I glanced at my phone. Finally, a response from Marie. I eagerly opened our chat.

"Hey Alexander. I've changed my mind. I'm not ready for the dating scene yet. But I wish you continued success in your search."

Marie had disappointed me with this response. She had freed me from the illusion that she was the right one. I replied:

"Too bad, I was curious to learn more about you. Bye!"

Then I immediately deleted the contact, and it occurred to me again what I had planned: I wanted to go to the library and draw physics illustrations. And that's exactly what I did.