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July 6, 2023: The woman without the Labrador

July 6, 2023 I came home from karate tonight, sweaty and bright red, and got on the bus home. If I had known I was going to meet this one woman, I would have at least freshened up briefly at the sink.

I sat unsuspectingly in the back of the four-seater and stared out of the window. When the bus stopped at Kopernikusstra├če, the rear door opened and someone sat down diagonally opposite me in the four-seater. I turned my head towards the person and suddenly my heart began to race. Her long legs stretched to the opposite seat and her blonde hair fell over her shoulders to her waist. She was typing something on her cell phone. "I hope she doesn't smell my sweat," I thought. "It's now or never. Come on. It's now or never."

"Hey, can I ask you something?" I blurted out.

"Hi, of course. What's up?" She lifted her head and smiled at me.

"I've already seen you once on the bus with the Labrador and then in the canteen. I saw you there at the vegetarian stand, but somehow I didn't dare approach you. Are you a vegetarian?"

"No, I mainly cook vegetarian food, but when I feel like eating meat, I do," she replied in a relaxed voice and with a friendly smile.

"Hmm. Could you imagine going completely vegetarian at some point?"

"I don't think so. I like meat and enjoy eating it on special occasions with my family. I can't imagine that."

"Oh, that's a shame we don't share similar moral values. Otherwise I would have invited you for a coffee," I said, suddenly realizing that I would have to get out soon. I said "Ciao", scrambled frantically over her long legs before she could pull them away and got out.

"That was perhaps a bit rude," I thought, "If I'd at least told her I had to get out...".

I was amazed at my behavior. For the first time in my history of approaching women, I was guided not by my urges or my neediness, but by my moral values and rejected a perfect-looking woman.

Learning: As a man, I attach great importance to a woman's looks and let them have a strong influence on me. But what's the point of having the best-looking woman if I don't get on well with her?