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October 6, 2023: No more canteen food and decaffeinated coffee

October 6, 2023. Today I was out in a T-shirt, even though everyone I met was wearing jackets. It was quite chilly, but I endured the cold well. I'll continue training to improve my cold resistance.

Today I was at the library and checked the top-up machine for the cafeteria to see if my card still works. Unfortunately, it doesn't anymore. That means I can't eat at the cafeteria today. However, in the library, I was able to quickly change my membership to "Non-student" and still get into the library. My mood wasn't great. I really wanted to go to HanoMacke and have a coffee.

Around 11 a.m., I went to the "Happy Falafel" kebab shop on E-Damm and got myself a vegan falafel wrap for 6.50 euros. I placed my order. The young man behind the counter said to me, "Coming right up, boss." And when I asked about the sauce, he replied, "Got it, boss." Finally, he said, "Take a seat, boss." To another person who ordered after me, he said, "My dear." I was a bit confused. Anyway, the falafel wrap with fresh mint tasted very good.

During the meal, I got the idea to get a decaffeinated coffee at the "" café next door. So I did: a decaf cappuccino with oat milk to go for 3.90 euros. A pricey affair compared to the 50-cent filter coffee from HanoMacke, but I'm sticking to my No-Caffeine Challenge for that. Then back to the library. There I met Luisa, and we briefly talked about her master's thesis.

When I opened my thermos, the aroma of coffee spread around me. A first feeling of happiness washed over me. Then I took a delicious sip of coffee and was even happier. The 3.90 euros for this feeling of happiness were worth it. I believe it's not the caffeine that makes me happy, but the taste and smell of coffee.