Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

June 7, 2023: Mara on the bus 200 and the Cappy student

June 7, 2023. I was on my way to the bus stop to go to the library. The bus arrived a bit earlier than expected, so I missed it. But as I crossed the street, another bus immediately came. Probably it was off schedule. I got on and took a seat at a four-seater at the back. As I surveyed the bus, I noticed a few older passengers scattered around. But up front, I spotted a young woman sitting opposite to the direction of travel behind a metal plate that covered her up to the upper body. She was looking down at her knees, her arms moving rhythmically. I guessed she was crocheting or knitting. The way her upper arms moved was different from tapping on a phone. I tried it myself: First, I tapped on my phone and watched my upper arms. They hardly moved. Then I pretended to knit. My upper arm movements resembled hers. I was convinced she was actually crocheting or knitting. That immediately fascinated me. Finally, a woman on the bus who wasn't glued to her phone but was doing something unusual. Plus, with her red hair, she looked quite enchanting. Occasionally, she looked up and glanced out the window. When she noticed me looking at her, I smiled at her. She returned the smile.

At Königsworther Platz, I wanted to get off. Fortunately, she also got off there. As she stood up, I noticed her interesting clothing, which I liked: a yellow top, checkered pants, and dark brown boots. She left the bus before me. I hurried in front of her.

"Hey," I said, smiling at her.

"Huh. Hey," she responded, somewhat surprised.

"I just watched you on the bus and found it very fascinating that you were knitting instead of sitting on your phone like most people."

"What? Knitting? No, I was just tapping on my phone."

"Oh, then I must have been mistaken. I thought you were unique," I replied with a sarcastic undertone.

She chuckled.

"But you have a cool sense of style that makes you unique. What's your name?"

"Thank you. I'm Mara, and you?"

"Alexander. Mara? Would you like to grab a coffee with me sometime soon?"

"I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend. But I think it's great that you dared to approach me."

"Too bad, well then. I wish you a nice day. Goodbye!" I said goodbye and went to HanoMacke to have a coffee.

After coffee, I was in the library on the second floor. I sat somewhat in the middle of the room, so I could be easily seen. I propped up my new English formula book on the back of my laptop screen. Anyone entering the second floor could see the book. That was my way of advertising. As I worked, a brunette student occasionally passed by, smiling at me. She wore a cap slightly askew and overalls as if she were a big kid. Her uniqueness and friendliness gave me the courage to make the first move.

The next time she walked past me and smiled, I whispered to her, "Hey, come over here," and waved my hand for her to come to me. She came over and leaned down so we could speak quietly.

"You've smiled at me so sweetly several times, I couldn't just let you walk by. Shall we grab a coffee together at HanoMacke?" I whispered.

"We can, but I have to say, I have a boyfriend," she replied.

I put my face in my arm as if I were about to cry. Then I looked at her again with a grin.

"Why are the most amazing women always taken..." I said.

She looked slightly embarrassed.

"That's sweet of you."

"Today I've already had two coffees, but we can go for one sometime soon," I said, "You can just contact me. Search for 'universaldenker'. Then you'll find me quickly," I continued.

"Okay, I will!" she said and straightened up.

"Until then," I waved to her, and she left.

I continued working on the article about accelerated motion, already curious if she would be the first woman to actually contact me after I told her she could google and reach out to me.