Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

December 7, 2023: The 18-year-old special needs teacher with the black ribbon

December 7, 2023. I slept the whole time until someone from the shared flat slammed the apartment door. Walked to the library. Bought a pretzel roll and a spelt roll beforehand. Saw a blonde girl in tight, brown flared pants in front of the entrance. She had a very wide pelvis. I bought the rolls and waited for her in front of the entrance.

She came out, with makeup on her eyes and headphones in her ears.

"Hey, excuse me," I waved to her as she walked towards me. But she just looked at me, without batting an eyelid, and kept walking without stopping.

"Well, never mind then," I said and took a bite of my spelt roll.

On the way to the library, I ran into her again. She came from the other side of the building towards me, so we entered the library at the same time. I went to my locker 389. She locked her things a few lockers further and said "Hi" to me. I greeted her back.

When I reached the hallway with the elevators, I saw her again. She stood behind the glass door, had her phone in her hand, and looked at me. I turned into the stairwell. Apparently, she first thought I wanted money or something else from her, she probably didn't think I was sexually interested.

I dropped my things upstairs and went to the HanoMacke to drink some tea. I stood outside, ate the pretzel roll, and drank the peppermint tea. I was very proud of myself that it was now easy for me to drink tea instead of coffee.

I used the hotspot because I have no internet access in the library. A glance at my phone. Rebekka sent me several YouTube links with gothic music that she listens to. I continued reading the book "How to Listen with Intention". At 10:45, I went to the cafeteria to eat my lamb's lettuce-banana-persimmon-mandarin salad.

Around 12:30, a sweet girl sat down opposite me.

"Is this seat taken?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Thank you."

She had cute black ribbons in her blonde hair. A black top with a golden chain. She had white JBJ headphones on her ears. And on the cover of her tablet was a sticker "FCK NZS". She wore mascara, as her eyelashes were very long and black. Her fingernails were short, and she was petite. She sniffled occasionally and then blew her nose. She sat next to a guy who sat opposite me and always wished me "Bless you" when I sneezed.

I was briefly at the supermarket and bought two butter croissants and a pretzel roll. Then went to HanoMacke, had another peppermint tea.

When I returned, a girl was sitting next to me and a guy beside me. The petite blonde was still there, engrossed in her tablet. Behind me sat the blonde, curly-haired law student with black-painted fingernails from the fifth floor, whom I had spoken to before.

Around 2 PM, the student with the ribbon left. I ran after her. Caught up with her in the elevator. She held the closing door for me.

"Hey, you were just sitting next to me. Cool ribbon!"

"Oh, very kind, thank you!"

"Would you like to go to the Christmas market with me and have some delicious hot chocolate?”

"I think I’m too young. I'm only 18."

"Oh, 18... then of course that won't work," I said somewhat ironically.

"What are you studying?"

"Special education."

The elevator door opened.

"Thanks for talking to me," she said and walked out of the elevator.

"You're welcome! And good luck with your studies."

"Thanks, you too," she said and I pressed the button for the fourth floor to go back up.

After the library, a long walk through the Christmas market, suggested Rebekka on the way, then walked to the main university building, through the Welfengarten, along the E-Damm, from there walked to the train station.

Stopped briefly at the station and looked at the Ferris wheel in front of the station and the illuminated and decorated surroundings, trees, and houses. A projection of falling snow on the station. Looked out for women, but didn't notice anything special. Then did some shopping and went home.

At home, I ate physalis-tofu-lamb’s lettuce-carrot-linseed oil salad and talked with Lara. She was sick. She ate pizza. I gave her the chocolate Santa Claus that was actually for Rebekka, but I forgot to give it to her.

After eating, I had a slight heartburn. Probably because I mixed tofu with fruit. It was stupid of me to mix so many ingredients. I wasn't paying attention while talking with Lara.

In bed, after eating, I watched a video of Sadhguru. He said: "Chew 24 times to better absorb the nutrients in the food." Poor chewing is a waste of money and resources.

Besides thorough chewing, I should make an effort not to buy pastries in the morning, but rather fruits or vegetables (e.g., cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots). And more variety in shopping, e.g., incorporating beetroot and parsnip into the meal plan.