Alexander Fufaev
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July 8, 2023: The vegan in the summer dress and the toast

8 July 2023. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. After cleaning the kitchen at home exclusively with citric acid, I was sitting in the library on the second floor, revising the physics article on quantum mechanical angular momentum and contemplating what other 1% changes I could make. Starting today, I decided to stop buying toast and instead buy unpackaged rolls at the supermarket or bakery. "They contain more fiber, and I would avoid the plastic packaging of the toast bread."

Actually, I wanted to go straight home, but I gave her another chance to smile at me. A light blonde student in a colorful floral dress walked by my table now and then, smiling at me repeatedly. "If she smiles at me again this time, I'll talk to her," I thought. And indeed, she passed by me again on her way to the bathroom. As soon as she came back and smiled at me again, I called her over.

"Hey," I whispered as she approached, turning my body towards her. She came closer to me.

"May I ask you something?" I inquired, letting my gaze drift into her bright eyes and onto her nose piercing.

"Yes, sure."

"Are you a vegetarian?"

"I'm even a vegan. Why?"

"Oh, wow," I exclaimed enthusiastically, accompanied by a slight blush. "Would you like to go get some ice cream with me after the library?"

"Mmm, that will be difficult. I planned to work through today and tomorrow. I have to submit my master's thesis on Monday."

"Hmm, okay, I understand! Shall we go get ice cream after you submit it?"

She looked into my eyes and pondered.

"I don't know if this is relevant, but I have a boyfriend."

"That's a shame. Well, I wish you good luck with your master's thesis submission."

She gave me a radiant white smile.

"Thank you. I wish you a nice day," she said and continued on her way.

I packed my things and went to the café "Sommer.zeit" to enjoy a vegan ice cream alone.

Life Upgrade: I no longer buy toast bread but instead unpackaged bread and rolls at the bakery or supermarket. This avoids plastic packaging.