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September 8, 2023: Switch to barefoot shoes. Enthusiasm for merino wool. 5 instead of 7 underpants

September 8, 2023. Around noon, I strolled to the clothing container in my new black Wildlings Kami barefoot shoes to dispose of my stylish Oxford shoes and two more discarded pairs of underwear. From there, I marched to Kopernikusstraße. Every little stone I consciously stepped on to test the shoe sensation, I could distinctly feel under the sole of my foot.

Upon reaching Kopernikusstraße, I opted for the tram. As I boarded, my eyes wandered through the carriage, searching for fellow barefoot shoe wearers. Now I understood what Lina meant when she said that barefoot shoe wearers often notice others' footwear. However, I couldn't spot anyone wearing barefoot shoes in the tram.

At Kröpcke, where numerous people were passing by, I occasionally caught brief glances at my shoes as I walked past. However, on this day, I still felt somewhat uncomfortable in the barefoot shoes, as if I were wearing ballet flats – especially with an inappropriate outfit consisting of shorts and a T-shirt.

At CitiCut, I got my hair cut. The result looked good, and I decided to go to the hairdresser regularly to always look well-groomed, especially if things work out with Anna. A beautiful girl deserves an equally handsome guy by her side.

Since I had half an hour until the train departure after the haircut, I sat down at Espresso House at Kröpcke and enjoyed an iced latte with chocolate and oat milk. As I pondered how to respond to Anna's message, it was always the same with me: when I found a woman very attractive, I put even more thought into how to word my chat messages to please her. However, a suitable idea for my response only came to me in Borsum.

After eating pasta with my mother and taking a call from Lina, I suggested to Anna that we talk on the phone at eight o'clock. In Borsum, I also received my new black Merino wool T-shirt. Since it still smelled new, I washed it in the sink with lukewarm water and baking soda. Then I hung it outside on the clothesline to dry and sat on the balcony to listen to music. Several hours later, around seven o'clock, I received a reply from Anna: "Hey, I'm having dinner with my parents tonight, and we're cooking Italian. Tonight doesn't work for me, but how about tomorrow?"

Full of joy, I agreed and took a barefoot walk in my already dried Merino shirt. Barefoot walking, especially for a beginner like me in the sun, was sweaty. After the walk, I smelled my armpits, as well as the T-shirt, and was amazed to find that the Merino shirt hadn't taken on the armpit odor. I was thrilled with the shirt and set myself the goal of gradually replacing all my cotton T-shirts with ones made of Merino wool.

  1. I replaced my cotton T-shirt with one made of Merino wool. I prefer Merino wool over cotton for several reasons. Firstly, I need to wash it less often. Secondly, Merino wool doesn't absorb armpit odor as strongly. Thirdly, it dries much faster than cotton. Fourthly, it provides better insulation against cold and heat. Fifthly, it has a natural sun protection factor of up to 50. And sixthly, it wrinkles less than cotton.
  2. I have fully transitioned to barefoot shoes.
  3. I no longer own any stylish shoes that constrict my toes, only using my stylish barefoot shoes.
  4. I have reduced the number of my underwear from 7 to 5.