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November 8, 2023: I own 2 instead of 3 T-shirts

November 8, 2023. When I woke up at 8 o'clock this morning and smelled my armpits, I thought they would smell a bit. But that was not the case. They smelled surprisingly good. This could be due to several factors, such as eating much less lately. But I believe the most important factor is that I sleep shirtless. I never thought that sleeping shirtless, where I don't get warm at night, would have such a big impact.

Unfortunately, I found that my scalp itches and I have oily dandruff and oily hair again. I thought I had defeated seborrheic dermatitis, but unfortunately, the dandruff is back. I suspect it's either because of the peanut butter I've been gobbling down in the evenings or all the pastries like quark cake and bee sting, or the tap water in the library where there's a sticker above the sink that reads "Hand wash basin." If it was the water, I would probably have gotten the rash more regularly because I always refill my water there. So it was rather unlikely that it was the tap water.

When I sat down at HanoMacke on the fourth floor after the morning coffee, someone called me. Full of joy, I went into the stairwell to call the person back. I was happy because I thought it was Sophie. But it was just a staff member from the eye laser center who wanted to know a few details from me and brought the appointment forward by two days.

Although I was disappointed it wasn't Sophie, I was happy about something else when I looked at my basic phone. The battery indicator still showed all bars. You think it's a small thing to charge your phone every day, but having one less daily worry in life significantly improves quality of life.

Also, the time on this phone cannot be updated over the internet because it doesn't have internet, and when you turn the phone off at night, which I do, the time freezes. So I can't use the phone to check the time anymore, so I completely hide it on the display. Less time displays, less stress.

Abandoning the smartphone in everyday life also brings so much quality into my life. I'm less distracted and can focus on more important things. Switching to a basic phone was one of the best decisions I've made recently.

At around 1 PM, the sun came out from behind the clouds and I took a break. I bought a croissant, bee sting pastry, and a pretzel roll at Lidl, got coffee at HanoMacke, and sat in the sun to soak up vitamin D. When the sun hid behind the clouds again, I looked around. That's when I noticed the brunette student again, whom I had seen a long time ago in a floral jacket and who gave me butterflies. My goodness, this time she wore hot, light brown leggings and seemed to be waiting for someone. No, in this horn-driven state, I won't approach her. Fortunately, the sun came out again. I took off my glasses and turned my face towards the sun.

Until 4 PM, I wrote my life story and when I got up to go home, I couldn't believe my eyes: The girl sitting to my right was someone I knew! It was the Cappy student without the cap!

After finishing my peanut butter at home, I thought: When will Anna write to me again?

I started WhatsApp on my laptop and what a miracle. Two weeks passed and she finally replied: "Yesterday the WiFi router finally arrived *psst smiley* Now I just have to set it up."

I was a bit happy. She seemed to still be interested in me. Maybe she was my "great love" and God had been sending everyone else I approached away because I had already found Anna?

At 8 PM, I drove to Borsum and arrived at 9 PM. Julien picked me up. I had vegan minced pasta with frozen vegetables. Then I had a mild yogurt with jam and a teaspoon of apricot jam. After that, we watched TV for a while and I made my bed.

Today I also brought one of my Merino T-shirts to Borsum. I actually manage quite well with two Merino shirts, just like with socks and underwear.

Micro Change: Reduced number of T-shirts from 3 to 2.