Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

January 9, 2024: HanoMacke date with Sarah, the medicine student

January 9, 2024. I woke up at 8 AM. At 9 AM, I was on the fourth floor. As I sat down, I turned to the right to see who was coming my way. It was Sarah. She smiled and waved at me.

I went to the toilet. Then to Sarah, who was sitting two tables behind me. She noticed me. We smiled at each other as I walked towards her.

"Hey Sarah."


"How are you?"

"Good, I'm studying again."

"You haven't been here for a while. Were you abroad?"

"No, I was back home. I'm not from Hanover."

"Oh, I see!"

We looked at each other briefly.

"So...", I leaned down to her level and leaned further on the table, "what do you think about meeting for a coffee?"

"Sure, why not."

"Great, when do you take a break?"

"At eleven." I looked at the clock... "It's just half-past nine... yep, sounds good."

"I'll come to you then," she says.

I sat back down at my place.

It was 11 AM. She hadn't come. At 11:06, I got up and went to Sarah's table. She pointed to her laptop's clock. It showed 11...10...9 seconds. Then she stood up, and we went to HanoMacke.

We took the stairs. She told me that she was at home and studying there. We went into HanoMacke.

Maxi was behind the counter. Another student served us.

"What would you like to drink?" I asked Sarah.

"Filter coffee, but I'll treat you. What will you have?" she asked.

I was a bit surprised because I had intended to pay for her.

"I'll have a peppermint tea," I said simultaneously to Sarah and to the student behind the counter. Sarah ordered a filter coffee.

"Room for milk?" asked Sarah.

"No," she said and handed the student a five-euro note.

"Oh, you drink it black?"

"Yes, why?"

"I heard that people who drink black coffee are psychopaths."

She laughed.

I walked over to a free sofa. She followed me. During our date, we were facing each other, and I always looked into her eyes when I could. She asked me a lot about what I do, about minimalism, and so on. She seemed very interested. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of much to ask her. I felt a bit tired. It was a nice, spontaneous one-hour date with Sarah.

As we walked back and set our cups down, Maxi didn't even look at me. Her arms were crossed, and she seemed to be staring into the distance. Someone seemed to be jealous.

I feel like women are drawn to me after the date. A student sat down to my right, and we smiled at each other. Maybe my aura has suddenly changed? I don't know.

14:50. Espresso House at Kröpcke. Ordered a hot chocolate with oat milk. Right after that, a blonde woman walked in. I was already sitting in a brown armchair at a two-person table. I got up and went to her at the counter.

"Hey, are you up for a spontaneous date?"

"Um... I'm very tired right now," she said and touched my forearm, where I saw a bandage.

"Did you have anesthesia?"

"No, I had blood drawn, so I'm really tired right now."

"Oh, I understand. As soon as I see blood, I immediately faint. What's your name?"

"Lisa. And yours?"

"Alexander. Is there any reason we can't arrange to meet another time?"

"Hmmm, well, I'm from Kiel."

"Oh, that's a bit far. You're not often in Hanover?"

"No, I'm actually only here today."

"Oh well, then it's not worth arranging a date."

My hot chocolate was already on the counter. I sat down and took a warm sip that felt like fire running down my throat. Shortly after, she got her coffee while I admired her hot butt in tight leggings. She took her drink and turned towards me. We smiled at each other. She sat down somewhere else.

15:20. I finished my hot chocolate. Feeling a bit tired. I won't continue for long. Need to go home and eat something to strengthen myself. At home, I ate some fruit.

19:25. I'm sitting on the yoga mat and listening to tantric music. This sexual energy combined with imagination has something powerful about it. It's even fun to keep this sexual energy under control. I am the master of my feelings. I am the master of my sexual energy. I believe I have tamed it. Now I can use it as a powerful tool to achieve more in life.

Health Analysis:
  • Bowel movement: 16:00 (solid, smelly flatulence).
  • Food: 14:50 (large hot chocolate), 15:50 (two bananas, two mandarins, blueberries, grapes), 18:00 (small coconut-banana smoothie), 19:20 (500 ml chocolate drink "This Is Food").
  • Physical feeling: Good. The dandruff has suddenly disappeared. The skin is back to normal. Probably because I only ate fruits and vegetables and went to bed a little earlier last night.
  • Mood: Good.