Alexander Fufaev
My name is Alexander FufaeV and here I write about:

2014: André, the Art of Seducing Women and the Abitur.

2014. Due to being good at physics, I sometimes helped my classmates with homework or exam preparation. This is how I befriended André from my class. Sometimes, I tutored him in physics at my house; afterward, we watched an episode of "Dream Woman Wanted". André was a pot smoker. To relax, he sometimes brought weed. So, I got the opportunity to try smoking weed. Although it made me giggle almost every minute of the episode, I decided never to smoke it again because my eyes burned like hell and turned red.

While I was knowledgeable in school physics, André was an expert in seducing women. He read books about the nature of the female gender - that is, how women functioned, what they wanted, and how to approach them on the street. He was somewhat good at psychology. If we had such a school subject, he would surely excel in it. His knowledge was all the more useful to me in search of a girlfriend. He showed me in the city how easy it was to approach random women.

"Before you approach a woman, work on your posture first, Alex," he said to me when we arranged to meet at Kröpcke in Hanover to approach women.

"What do you mean?"

"Women unconsciously notice bad posture directly and find it off-putting," he explained, "Straighten your back, relax your shoulders, and don't look down all the time. And for heaven's sake, get your hands out of your pockets," he instructed me.

"Like this?"

"Yes, much better. Get used to it."

"Before we approach women, let's practice making eye contact with passersby first," he suggested to me as a task.

"Do you mean walking past women and staring at them?"

"Yes, you establish eye contact and maintain it until they break it first. If she smiles at you, smile back."

"I'm already super nervous. But okay, let's try."

It worked. After the first attempts, I turned red like a tomato, but with each encounter, I became more confident. The women noticed that I was staring at them. Some held eye contact longer, some immediately broke it after realizing I was looking at them. Some gave me a sweet smile. This exercise, combined with the correct posture, had boosted my self-confidence.

"Now you're ready to approach women who smile at you during eye contact. With these women, you'll have the best chance," he explained the further procedure.

"But first, let me show you that the situation in which you approach the woman doesn't matter," he continued and immediately approached a woman standing at the shop window of a shoe store, looking at her phone. André approached her. After a brief conversation, which I watched from a distance, she apparently gave him her phone number.

Then he came back to me.

"It's that simple. What you say doesn't matter at all. The important thing is to be confident," he explained.

"That sounds easier said than done..."

"The more you approach women, the more confident you'll become," he explained further.

"Let's move on. You point to any woman I should approach. Watch from afar and learn how I behave."

"Okay, agreed!"

And so we strolled through the city. I pointed to a woman browsing along the shelves of a bookstore. André approached her. I pointed to a woman getting off a tram. André approached her in a way that even made me blush as an outsider. I pointed to a milf sitting on a bench with her dog. He approached her too.

André could really approach any woman in any situation, and he didn't care whether she gave him her phone number or not. I watched him and learned.

"So, now it's your turn," André said after he had approached a dozen women.

He pointed to a young woman with blond hair standing at the Kröpcke clock, engrossed in her phone. Honestly, her black leather pants made me somewhat skeptical if she was my type, but I decided to give it a try anyway and accepted the suggestion.

My heart started beating faster as I approached her, and the excitement rose immeasurably.

"Excuse me," I spoke to the woman softly, but she didn't seem to notice me at all.

"Hey, can I disturb you for a moment?" I made a second attempt and waved my hand in front of her phone to get her attention.

She pulled out an earphone from her ear and looked at me with a skeptical expression. "Hmm?" "I said, can I disturb you for a moment?"

"Yes?" she replied, still skeptical.

"I wanted to ask if I could get to know you?"

Without saying anything, she put the earphone back in and went back to her phone. I felt like I was in a movie where the most embarrassing scene is replayed over and over again. With my head bowed, I turned around and walked back to André as quickly as possible.

"Very good, it's normal to feel this uncomfortable," André said and could probably already guess what had happened.

"I need a short break first," I confessed as my heart slowly calmed down.

"I bet you spoke too quietly."

"That could be true."

“Don't be afraid to speak louder, so others can hear you, Alex. I don't think the chick even heard you when she had her headphones in,” André speculated further.

“How do you know that? Yeah, she didn't hear me.”

“Speak a bit louder and also somewhat slower than now.”

“Okay, I'll try it with the next girl.”

“No, not with the next girl! You always have to speak loudly, slowly, and clearly and pay attention to your posture. This will not only help you in the dating world.”

His advice, although so obvious, opened my eyes. Just a straight posture with a forward gaze boosted my confidence, even though I didn't actually feel that confident at that moment.

“But enough criticism. What I like is that you have a nice deep chest voice. Use its full potential!” he complimented me.

“Thanks, André,” I said as he was already pointing at another blonde girl, indicating that I should practice his tips on her.

This time, despite being rejected, I at least had a small conversation with the girl. In the next attempts, I also got rejections until I chose girls myself who I really liked. This allowed me to get two numbers out of eleven approached women. A small success that showed me that practice combined with genuine interest really makes the seducer.

In the Newspaper

Spring, 2014. When I told my classmate Christian that I could approach girls, he didn't believe me. After school, I went with him to the city center to prove it to him.

“There, talk to her!” Christian said to me, pointing his finger at a tall girl standing at the entrance of a café like a model.

“Okay, let's give it a try,” I replied to him, slightly unsure because I never would have thought to approach this girl. She looked like a wealthy high-society tourist, with the latest Louis Vuitton bag on her arm, waiting for her husband. She was looking at her phone as I approached, trying to stay relaxed. Just before I stood in front of her, she noticed me, straightened up, and looked at me questioningly. She probably thought I was going to ask her for directions or something. I briefly looked deep into her eyes.

“Hey, I'd like to get to know you,” I said loudly, clearly, and quite calmly, showing her the screen of my phone where she could enter her number directly. She smiled puzzled and typed her number with her long fingernails. After a short conversation with her, I returned to Christian, who was watching me from a distance.

“Unbelievable, how is that possible?” he asked me amazed, with his eyes wide open.

“That's called magic!” I jokingly replied to him. Before I could tell him to try it himself, he was already pointing at another girl.

“Here, talk to her too,” he urged me. But then we were suddenly approached by a man from the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Can I take a photo of you?” the man with the camera asked me.

“Sure, why not!”

“What are you looking forward to the most today?” he asked me next, while pressing the shutter button. After a short consideration, I told him that good ideas in physics would be cool.

A few days later, my classmate Cedrik sent me a photo on Facebook. It was a scanned newspaper clipping with a picture of me. Below it was written: "Today I'm looking forward to good scientific ideas in physics class." This triggered in me the same feeling as when I cruised through the village with Uncle in his pimped car. This event motivated me even more to study physics and one day become a famous physicist like Albert Einstein.

End of 13th Grade

Summer, 2014. The last school year passed so quickly that I hardly noticed it – the Abitur was approaching. At the end of the school year, either topics relevant to the Abitur were repeated, movies like Inception were watched, or in IT class, the secretly copied Paintball Shooter was played on the school computers or drawings were made with Paint. One of my works was a distant metropolis in a nocturnal atmosphere, with large mountains stretching behind the city and the sky carrying a huge full moon and many stars. The observer stood far away, at a mystical cemetery on a road leading to the city. He had to face his fears and walk a lonely path to reach the place he actually wanted to be.

The Abitur Trip

August 2014. Most of my classmates had long been studying for the Abitur. I mainly studied for the oral physics exam because I wanted to do well. I constantly came up with ideas while studying and noted them down, hoping to develop a theory someday when I understood physics better. Besides physics, I also prepared a bit for statistics, the part of the math exam that I didn't like at all. The other Abitur subjects, English and business and economics, even information technology, were all indifferent to me.

Although I diligently worked on the math Abitur tasks until the last minute, I passed it with only four points, to my amazement. In the physics Abitur exam, I got a topic about the photoelectric effect. Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan, so I only got fourteen points.

After the exams in June, I went on a one-week Abitur trip to Prague with the class. There, we did boring city expeditions during the day, and in the afternoons, we had free time, which I spent mainly in various restaurants drinking with other students.

In our room, I got into a conversation with my classmate Max about women. He didn't believe that I could ask the hot receptionist of our hotel for sex and bring her to our room. So, on the penultimate day, around midnight when there were no more guests at the reception, I went to her, asking her in my broken English if she would agree to come to our room for money.

She laughed and declined my offer, saying she was already married. That was a shame because she was the last hope to make the class trip wild and exciting. Then I remembered what a teacher said when we were on Charles Bridge: "Over there is supposedly the largest club in Europe."

On the last day, I decided to visit this club. Since I didn't want to go alone, I asked the people from my room. No one wanted to come; they all just wanted to sleep and go home tomorrow. But I definitely didn't want to sleep; I wanted to party! So I asked in the other rooms. Only two of my classmates, Daniel and Niklas, who always hung out with the nerds at school, agreed.

Of course, we got lost on the way to the club. But eventually, we finally found the entrance, which we only noticed because there was a huge line of people waiting.

The club had several floors, each playing a different genre of music. Only after several alcoholic cocktails could I actually bring myself to dance. The uncertain movements on the dance floor became more and more confident. Eventually, dancing became a lot of fun, so we stayed in the club until about four in the morning.

On the way back to the hotel, Daniel gave me my first feedback on how my dancing style appeared to outsiders.

“Alex, you dance like you're having an epileptic fit.”

“Good thing we're leaving this country today,” I replied.

Future Learnings from Approaching Women:
  • I should pay attention to my posture (straight back, relaxed shoulders, hands out of pockets) to appear more confident and feel that way.
  • I should make it a habit to not look down while walking but to look straight ahead and consciously make eye contact with passersby when I'm open to new contacts.
  • I should speak loudly, clearly, and slowly with my chest voice to radiate confidence and ensure that people listen to me better.
  • The longer I hesitate to approach, the more nervous I become, and the more likely I am to get rejected. I have the greatest chance of success in getting to know a stranger if I approach with genuine interest and without hesitation.
  • When I want to meet women on the street, I have the greatest chance of success if I approach women whom my heart, and not just my friend or genitals, have chosen.