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September 16, 2023: My other flirting strength is eye contact

September 16, 2023. On a Saturday evening at 8:30 p.m., as I was about to take the train to Harsum, I set off a bit earlier and stopped in front of the shop window of Hugendubel. There, I came across the book "Meditation for Beginners." While browsing through it briefly, I came across a paragraph in which a woman described exactly the experience I had always had: I find it difficult to live in the moment. As I made my bed, I wasn't thinking about making my bed but was already thinking about the next task. "I really want to learn to live in the here and now," I decided and headed to the train. "That would save me so much rumination that spoils my day."

In the train, a brunette girl with blue eyes sat across from me on the four-seat bench. She wore a green top, Nike shoes, and loose black sweatpants. Our eyes met. I held the gaze, and she couldn't take her eyes off mine either. For several seconds, our gazes were practically locked onto each other. At the next stop, she got off, and as she stood up, she said with a slightly sad undertone, "Goodbye." Perhaps she hoped that I would make the first move. But unfortunately, I was too cowardly at that moment. Without dwelling too much on my cowardice, I marveled instead at the intense effect of eye contact. Especially when it lasted as long as it just did, I felt that the trust between me and the stranger girl was growing exponentially. I could even imagine seducing a woman solely through eye contact, without ever exchanging a word.

Then I opened my laptop and read an article about meditation. It piqued my interest. Even while reading the article, I noticed how difficult it was for me to focus on one thing. I read the text, but I noticed that other thoughts kept popping up, distracting my attention from the text. "This can't be true," I wondered about the creeping distraction while reading. I consciously interrupted these thoughts and refocused on the text until the next unwelcome thought arose.

Learning: I should work on my eye contact. I feel like this is my strength that could help me seduce attractive women. The longer I can maintain eye contact with a stranger woman, the more trust I can build nonverbally.