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Life without a Freezer, Decorations and Coffee at Home

On the 8th and 9th of May 2023, the next day, my storage jars were picked up, and afterward, I dedicated the entire day to writing an article about minimalism, filled with many tips for people who are also discovering minimalism for themselves.

During dinner, I watched a documentary about Albert Einstein. It reminded me of my former goal of one day receiving a Nobel Prize and being as brilliant as Albert Einstein. This desire had long disappeared from my consciousness, but deep down, it still slumbered within me. For a brief moment, I imagined how my Phase-Independent-Fit method developed in my master's thesis had contributed to discovering many previously unknown phase transitions in quantum systems. Despite the simplicity of this method, it proved to be so valuable in research that I was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for it.

The next morning, I gave my cocoa to Hanna. Originally, I used cocoa for my porridge. However, since I no longer ate porridge and couldn't find any other use for it, I minimized the cocoa. I also gave my coffee to Hanna because I decided not to drink coffee at home from today onwards. I was aware that I would then drink it less frequently since I couldn't afford my current consumption of three to four cups a day in a café. But I hoped that I would enjoy the coffee much more then, and that a cup could become a special moment. From now on, I would only use my French press for tea.

My considerations about giving up coffee at home also had a societal dimension. I dreamed of a society that sticks together more, that feels like a big family. I believed it would be beneficial if people didn't enjoy their hot drinks alone at home but went out to cafés, where they could meet other people and get a hot drink inexpensively. I was convinced that it would do society good not to consume coffee in isolation but in the company of "strangers." Leaving one's own four walls more often and realizing that the world was much more beautiful and diverse than one's own internet bubble suggested.

After this morning's philosophical minimizing round, I made my way to the library, to the second floor, to my regular spot. Today, I started writing an eBook on minimalism. Occasionally, I got distracted by spontaneous ideas. I thought about simplifying my website logo a bit. I interrupted my work and removed the base of the lamp so that the logo consisted only of a ringed planet with a lightning bolt inside. I was already very satisfied with the result and immediately replaced the old logo with the new one on my entire website.

During the lunch break, I ate a vegan burger with some fries. I told the lady behind the counter that I didn't want so many fries to avoid waste. A student, who was built similarly to me, followed suit and smiled at me. I smiled back.

When I returned to the library, I started to feel slight stomach pains, most likely because the burger had avocado spread. Through my own experimentation, I had found out that my stomach reacted allergically to avocado. I don't know why I was so masochistic that day.

Unable to concentrate on writing the eBook due to the stomach pains, I distracted myself with random YouTube videos on personal growth. Suddenly, I had the idea to replace my white fabric bag with a black one bearing my new logo. So I quickly designed the black bag and ordered it from a printing service.

I spontaneously decided to order an atom sticker for my MacBook to personalize it. My thought was: If I were to lose it, at least I could say that my MacBook had the atom sticker around the Apple logo. I had a similar thought about my house key. Therefore, I ordered a keychain with my engraved phone number and name.

After leaving the library, I sat down on a bench nearby and ate an apple. On the opposite bench, I noticed Luisa, a German studies student whom I had approached and met in the cafeteria a while ago. When our eyes met, we smiled at each other, and she waved me over. She told me that she was now writing her master's thesis. I told her about my interest in minimalism and some principles I had developed to transform one's life into a minimalist one. We discussed it, but she didn't seem so enthusiastic about my ideas.

When I approached her back then, I found her fascinating because she often sat alone in the cafeteria, looking out the window. She exuded a certain uniqueness, and when I spoke to her for the first time, I immediately noticed: She was a thousand times smarter than me. Her arguments were precise and convincing. I could learn a lot from her. Unfortunately, I could only imagine a friendly relationship with her, as she had two cats, which, according to my considerations about pets, was clearly a criterion for exclusion.

Later, I briefly went home to take my floor lamp with me to Borsum. I had already installed a ceiling lamp that could be controlled via an app and was completely sufficient for me. I only used the floor lamp to have dimmed light in the evening. But my ceiling lamp could do that just as well. That's why I decided to return it to Borsum today.

We had coffee and apple pie with my family. I was very happy that Dascha and Tobi had remembered my request and gave me their padded kitchen chair. The two of them were moving to a new apartment in Hildesheim. They had sold the chairs and left one for me. It was much more compact and lighter than my current office chair, which I wanted to replace before the move. The chair had only three legs and couldn't swivel or roll.

Before I drove back home, I stored the charger for my iPhone in the drawer under the TV cabinet. Lately, I had noticed that I only used the charging cable to charge my phone directly from the laptop's USB-C port.

I took the new chair with me after the coffee visit. People looked at me strangely as I sat on a chair in the bike compartment of a crowded train and worked on my laptop.

When I arrived home, I tried it out and was very satisfied with it. It probably weighed only half as much and, unlike my office chair, was easy to transport with one hand. I then listed the office chair for sale on eBay Classifieds.

Kronkorken statt Seifenschale

May 13, 2023. This morning, I used up my last frozen blueberries and decided not to buy more since there was no way to get frozen fruits and vegetables without packaging. In the long run, if I want to live zero-waste someday - and I do - I have to eliminate the purchase of frozen foods. Therefore, I opted to rely on fresh or minimally packaged fruits and vegetables.

Since I didn't freeze my food anyway, I also decided not to use my freezer from today onwards. I left a note on the WG's whiteboard: "You can use my freezer compartment. Regards, Sascha."

During breakfast, I noticed the bottle caps lying on the table. Hanna probably had a party with her friends last night. As I loaded my dirty dishes into the dishwasher, a lightning bolt of an idea struck me: "What if I stick these bottle caps into my bar of soap and then lay it on the sink without using a soap dish? This way, the bottom of the soap wouldn't get mushy, and no soap liquid would collect in my soap dish."

I decided to try it out immediately. I took a bottle cap, went to the bathroom, pressed it firmly into the soap, and washed my hands with it. Then, I placed the soap on the sink. Leaning down to view the soap's contact surface sideways, I noticed a gap between the soap and the sink, allowing the underside of the soap to dry. "What a brilliant idea," I thought, grabbing my white soap dish to add it to the "Free to Take" items. While brushing my teeth, I realized that my dental floss was finally empty. Finally, I could replace it with a plastic-free alternative that I had discovered at Rossmann a few days ago. I could dispose of this one completely in the organic waste. While at Rossmann, I also decided to replace my plastic hand toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush, which I could also dispose of entirely in the organic waste. I took the opportunity to apply my latest realization that a small brush head is better for dental hygiene. Also, while brushing my teeth, I noticed that the green color of the plastic bristles was worn off at the tips. From this, I concluded that this color and probably also the plastic particles from the bristles, which adhered to the teeth through abrasion, would then end up inside the body when swallowed. I wanted to exclude that as well.

Kronkorken statt Seifenschale

May 13, 2023. After the shopping tour, I headed to the library to continue writing my eBook on minimalism. When I reached the chapter on "Healthy Minimalist Nutrition," I listed all the foods I consumed. Subpoint: "Animal Products." I stopped writing and pondered whether I should include this point in my repertoire of foods. I hesitated. Ideally, I would like to become vegan overnight. However, I was aware that it was much more challenging than becoming vegetarian overnight. But in my thoughts, I was firmly resolved that a future society should live without the mass exploitation of other species. If I want such a society, I must, of course, lead by example by not consuming animal products from captive animals.

After watching some motivational videos and hearing convincing arguments for veganism from Niko Rittenau, I decided that from today onwards, whenever there was a vegan dish in the cafeteria, I would always prefer it. But even when eating out at a restaurant or ordering food, I would always choose vegan food whenever possible. That would be my next step towards a vegan diet.

In the evening, my office chair was finally picked up by a man who looked just like Jule's father - especially with the same round glasses. And he was just as supernice as her father.

Just before going to bed, I lay under the leaves of the Monstera on my bed, which protruded above. Thoughts swirled in my head: "My room looked much nicer with the plants, and it would be a shame to get rid of them." But... when I lived in Borsum, I didn't have a Monstera or any other indoor plants in my room, and I didn't miss them. It was only after moving that the desire for plants in the room arose. This desire arose only after I owned the plants. I continued to ponder: "Perhaps the desire would disappear again if I got rid of the indoor plants. Maybe I would even go into nature more often if I got rid of the plants. And watering or dusting the Monstera leaves would no longer be necessary."

All these thoughts led me to decide to sell my cactus on the table and the Monstera by the bed - so all my indoor plants.

Above my bed hung plant garlands, and on the walls were two pictures of plants. After careful consideration and being inspired by other minimalists, I decided to take them back to Borsum. Now I had no decoration either.

Life Upgrades:
  1. I no longer drink coffee at home. This way, I consume it less often, which certainly benefits my sleep, and I enjoy it more when I drink it in a café or with my family. Additionally, I avoid packaging waste.
  2. I don't have any additional room lighting, except for the ceiling lamp installed in the room. This reduces cable clutter and dust collectors and saves energy. Less lighting means less difficult-to-dispose-of waste.
  3. I replaced my office chair with a much more compact chair that weighs only half as much and is only half the size.
  4. I no longer charge my smartphone at the power outlet but directly on my laptop. This way, I no longer need a separate charger for the smartphone.
  5. I no longer own soap dishes. Instead, I use a bottle cap that I press into the soap at the bottom. This way, the bottom remains firm and dry.
  6. I replaced my plastic dental floss with a more sustainable one and replaced my plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush. Both my new dental floss and toothbrush, along with their packaging, can be completely disposed of in organic waste. By avoiding plastic bristles, I take in fewer plastic particles.
  7. I don't use a freezer anymore to make it easier for me to transition to a plastic-free life because without a freezer, I'm not tempted to buy frozen, plastic-packaged products. Additionally, I save energy and no longer have to worry about defrosting it regularly.
  8. When dining out, whether at a restaurant or in the cafeteria, I always prefer a vegan dish whenever available. This lifestyle is more in line with my nonviolent utopian society.
  9. I don't own indoor plants anymore. But since I love nature, not owning plants forces me to go outside more often. By omitting all indoor plants, I no longer have to water them or dust off the Monstera leaves.
  10. I don't own any decorations. Why? Many decorative items are made from unsustainable materials (my garlands were made of plastic). Decoration is often very subjective. What I like today may not be appealing in a year. Consequently, the decoration has to be disposed of. Unnecessary waste is generated. Additionally, decoration collects dust, which always needs to be wiped away.