Equations of Physics: Solve Every Physics Problem

You are studying physics in high school or taking experimental physics in your college. Your teacher has assigned you a physics homework, or you need to work on physics problem sets in your studies.

  1. You carefully read the problem ✅
  2. You know which physical quantities are given and which one is unknown ✅
  3. But... you don't know what to do with all the given quantities 🤔

The problem → You don't know a suitable physics equation!

Physical laws are encapsulated in formulas. Physics problems in school and in experimental physics train you to apply a suitable physics formula to the problem at hand. Just like Harry Potter, when he wants to illuminate a dark room (= physics problem), he must use an appropriate spell (= formula). Without the spell, he can wave his wand as much as he wants - nothing will happen.

In the book »Equations of Physics« by Alexander Fufaev, you will find a suitable solution formula for every physics problem from high school and almost every physics problem in the »Experimental Physics« class or any other similar class where you don't need advanced mathematics to solve physics problems. You will be able to solve physics problems from the following topics:

⚙️ Mechanics
🔉 Vibrations and Waves
🌊 Fluid Dynamics
🔥 Thermodynamics
🔌 Electricity and Magnetism
🌈 Optics
⚛️ Quantum Physics
🚀 Relativistic Mechanics
☢️ Atomic and Nuclear Physics
🪐 Astrophysics

You don't need to know derivatives, integrals, and vectors to use this book. All you need to know is how to rearrange equations.

Get your copy of »Equations of Physics« as PDF, Softcover or Hardcover and solve all your physics homework with it! With the right equations at hand, every physics problem becomes child's play.

Equations of Physics
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Frequently asked questions

What if I don't like the book?

No problem, send an email to alexander@fufaev.org with the concrete, detailed reason what you do not like, then you get your money back.

The book is not available in my country, what can I do?

It may happen that, for example, the book is not available on the Australian Amazon website. It is possible to order the book from an Amazon site in another language: Amazon US or Amazon UK

Who is the author of this book?

The author is Alexander Fufaev. He studied physics and is the founder of the project fufaev.org.

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Equations of Physics
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Well organized and wide coverage Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on 21 August 2023 ★★★★★

It is very useful to quickly survey or review formulas, not a textbook but more a guide, and very useful to those that had formal courses and wish to jog their memory or suggest topics to get a complete review. Not a lot of money but value for the money. by Kindle Customer

Very useful for physics study and quick use during work. Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on 20 June 2023 ★★★★☆

TLDR: Perfect for Algebra 2 compitant math users ("the book will not baby you to try to understand, the math shows everything needed to understand)" and Physics students during study or self studiers like myself, would recomend. PHY 1-3 content [...] by Eridania Blandon2

Useful reference for most equations Reviewed in Germany 🇩🇪 on 5 July 2023 ★★★★★

A compact nice summary of most of the equations that you might need during exam revisions or studying with consise descriptions and explanatory images. by Anis Mekacher

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36 USD 12 USD (-67%)
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