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October 2022: Sex Dance with Katharina

It was October 2022 and although the first week after breaking up with Jule brought tears in the evenings, the heartache was nowhere near as strong as when Jana and I broke up. I even felt partly relieved and free. The guilty conscience about looking at other women or writing about sexual fantasies had completely disappeared.

A week after the break-up, I became active on Bumble again and resumed the neglected contact with Katharina. We arranged to meet up for a dance at Dax.

Our meeting point was at twenty-three o'clock at the entrance to the movie theater on Raschplatz. Shortly before the meeting point, I picked up a blueberry muffin at the train station and devoured it before I was even standing at the entrance to the deserted movie theater. Katharina wasn't there yet. I had a quick look on WhatsApp to see if she had written to me. There was nothing new except the message that she was already out on her bike. She lived alone in Südstadt and was often out and about on her racing bike.

Finally, three minutes later, she came up to me. As she stood just in front of me, I spread my arms and she ran straight into my embrace.

"Hello, Alexander," she whispered in my ear as we continued to hug each other tightly.

"Hmm, you smell nice," I replied, smelling her neck as my hands gently stroked her winter jacket-covered hips.

After the hug, I took her hand and led her to the club, which was about two hundred meters away.

"I hope we get in," I said as we crossed the traffic lights and the other clubbers next to us flocked to the bars and clubs by the station.

"Why? Have you ever been rejected?" she asked skeptically.

"Yes, both in the Baggi and in the Dax," I explained. "I was once thrown out of Dax because I climbed onto a bar while dancing to the song Angels by Robbie Williams. Fortunately, the bouncer who gently showed me out didn't ban me."

"Ah, that's cool! I didn't know you were such a party animal," Katharina responded, grinning at me as we walked on.

A small queue had already formed at the entrance to the club. We joined the queue. Two girls in front of us were smoking a cigarette and discussing a guy one of the girls had met yesterday.

"Hey girls! Do you have a cigarette for me? I'll give you a euro for it," I said to them and showed them a one-euro coin in my hand.

"Oh, you don't need one. Here, take this," one of the girls replied and handed me the open packet of Marlboro so I could have a cigarette.

"Light?" I asked, the cigarette already in my mouth.

The other girl handed me her lighter and lit my cigarette while I protected the fire from the wind with my hands. I touched her fist lightly and we held intense eye contact for a moment as I moved my face away from the lighter.

"You smoke?" asked Katharina, who was standing to my left.

"No, not really. It's only when I go partying at Dax that I get converted by all the smokers. What about you?"

"I don't smoke. But what was that just about?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, assuming that she was alluding to the prolonged eye contact with the girl.

"A cigarette costs fifty cents at most!"

"Yes, I know. And as you can see, I have both a cigarette and my euro," I said, showing her the coin.

"I've noticed that people are more willing to give me a cigarette if I offer something reasonable in return. That way I don't seem like a scrounger, and it works ninety percent of the time."

The girls in front of us turned around.

"I guess we're not part of the other ten percent," said the blonde and laughed.

"The other ten percent never got the euro either. I'll just say that I've changed my mind."

The girls and Katharina laughed.

When we finally had to get past the bouncers, they both let us through without checking our IDs, nodding their heads.

Today, on a Saturday, all three floors were open: Pascha, where current hip-hop charts were played. Joy played hits from the eighties, nineties and early two-thousands. And the Bierbörse, where I was reluctant to spend time because they played pop music all the time.

We handed in our jackets at the checkroom and stormed into Joy. On the dance floor, a bald older guy with dark glasses was dancing very conspicuously, who I always saw when I was at Dax.

Some Spanish song was playing that I didn't like at all.

"Let's go to the Pasha. There's a bit more going on there," I said and pulled Katharina by the hand to the floor next door.

The dance floor was already very full and smoky. I led Katharina into the dance crowd and weaved my way through the dancing guests. Some rap song was playing, which ended when we were in the middle of the dance floor. Suddenly the lines from the Disney movie Frozen started playing...

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen

Although I had resolved to pull myself together today and concentrate on dancing with Katharina, the song pulled me off the crowded dance floor where I could barely move. I wriggled my way onto the long platform in front of the DJ booth, where there was still room.

A kingdom of isolation
And it looks like I'm the queen
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried

Happiness filled my entire body as I stood on the platform and the line "Don't let them in, don't let them see" was sung. My hands were clenched, my heart was beating faster and I bent my knees slightly in unison with the song.

Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

I stretched my arms into the dancing crowd when the line "Well, now they know" came, and looked at Katharina, who gave me a grinning, astonished look in return.

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore…

I twirled and danced on my toes, like a ballerina on stage. The moment was filled with energy and I let myself be carried away by the music as I danced on the platform in front of the crowd.

Suddenly I noticed a tall guy leaning over to Katharina and seeming to say something in her ear. A slight pang of jealousy ran through me and I wanted to make sure he didn't get the chance to pick her up. Without hesitation, I left the platform and plunged back into the tightly packed dance crowd. I sidled up to Katharina as quickly as I could, and when I reached her, I gently turned her around to face me by the waist.

"You're in high demand," I said with a grin on my lips as I looked at her.

"Finally, my ballerina is back," she replied with a smile, but still amazed, and wrapped her arms around my shoulders.

I moved closer to her so that our upper bodies were lightly touching. My hands found their place on her hips and I let myself be guided by her movements. She swayed her hips to the rhythm of the music and I followed her movements, completely immersed in the music.

The dance became more and more intense and the energy between us was palpable. The song 'Sweat' by Snoop Dogg was playing. The boundaries between our bodies blurred.

Katharina pressed herself closer to me and pushed her thigh between my legs. With targeted circular movements, I could feel myself getting aroused. She seemed to notice and intensified her movements, almost as if she wanted to jerk me off on the dance floor. At that moment, I bent my knees slightly and held her gently under her buttocks to support her movements.

Then I straightened up again and my hands slipped into the back pockets of her pants. My face moved closer to hers and I could feel her breathing as we placed gentle kisses on each other's lips. The kiss became more intense, with fewer pauses in between. The tips of our tongues kept meeting as we moved slightly to the music. This time, I placed my thigh between her legs and pulled my hands out of her trouser pockets. I placed them on her bottom instead and pressed her closer to me. I massaged her private parts with my thigh using circular movements.

The crowded dance floor pressed us even closer together from all sides as the dancing throng surrounded us. All over my body, I felt not only Katharina's closeness, but also the touch of other people. Someone was dancing close to my back and touching it. Behind Katharina, a girl, probably with a friend, was dancing and brushing the outside of my hand with her bottom. I took a small step forward to wedge my hands even more firmly between the two asses. The girl didn't move away. It almost seemed as if she was enjoying our touch together. Katharina noticed, briefly interrupted the kiss and looked at me with a grin. Without exchanging words, I tilted my head forward slightly to indicate that I wanted to continue kissing her. She allowed it.

Our kiss intensified and our movements became more passionate. I pressed the girl harder against Katharina's bottom while I tirelessly massaged Katharina's private parts with my thigh. The rhythmic movements no longer matched the beat of the music, but served a completely different purpose.

While Katharina's lips firmly enclosed my lower lip, she began to moan softly. My erect penis, aligned along my thigh, pushed through my pants and touched her leg. The movements became faster and faster, and our surroundings seemed to stand still as we became absorbed in our moment.

Katharina became so fast that the dancing guests to the left and right looked at us.

"Mmmmmmmmm" Katharina let out an unusually long moan. Her body movements and her kisses slowed down. I knew at that moment that she had come.

Then she rested her chin on my shoulder, as if she wanted to recover for a moment.

"Your first time on the dance floor," I whispered into her ear with a grin and looked at the girl behind Katharina, who was now facing in my direction and grinning at me.

I felt Katharina nod against my shoulder.

I was still incredibly aroused and had a great need to fuck her pussy before it got dry.

My breathing was fast, my heart was racing with excitement.

"I want you, now," I whispered into her ear with a sigh.

"I'm on my period," she whispered back.

"Come with me," I replied and led her by the hand out of the dance crowd towards the toilet.

I could already tell from the guests how advanced the alcohol level was. It was very high.

"Are you mad?" said Katharina when she realized we were heading for the men's toilet.

"Trust me!" I replied and led her through the toilet door, quickly past the washbasin where a man was washing his face and probably didn't even notice us.

"No, that's too crazy for me," she let go of my hand and left the toilet. I followed behind her.

"Okay, let's go home," I gave in.

We collected our jackets from the checkroom upstairs and left the club.

"Will you come to my place?" I asked Katharina as we stood at a red light at the crossroads and I held her by the waist with my arm.

"You know, we're not going to have sex today," she said with a grin on her face.

"No, no sex. We're just cuddling at my place," I explained, but in the back of my mind I still had the intention of having sex with her.

She took her racing bike with her and we walked to my house. On the way, she told me about her ex, and as we passed the courthouse, she told me that she and her ex were getting divorced there. When we got to my place, she locked her bike in the garage and we marched up to my place on the third floor, kissing.

"Shh," I whispered to her, "my flatmate is probably asleep". I was referring to Claudia, who certainly wasn't asleep at three in the morning.

In the room, standing against an empty wall, we continued making out. Katharina, whose excited expression I could still read, turned around, opened her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles together with her panties. I did the same and took off my jeans.

Katharina leaned against the wall with her hands and stretched her pelvis in my direction. I moistened my palm, reached for her pussy and immediately realized that this wasn't necessary - she was already very wet. I took a condom out of my front jeans pocket, pulled it over my erect penis and inserted it into Katharina's vagina without hesitation. I moved intensely, almost animalistically, from behind and pushed her further against the wall.

"Mmm fuck, fuck me," Katharina whispered with her teeth clenched and her head tilted to the side. My thrusts were so powerful that her body clung firmly to the wall of the cabin. This allowed me to penetrate her deeper. I kept speeding up my movements until I finally came.

Slightly sweaty, I leaned against Katharina's back. Shortly afterwards, she pulled up her pants while I unrolled the condom and placed it in the toilet paper on the windowsill. She turned around and we clung to each other, continuing to kiss.

Then we lay down in my bed. She lay in my arms. At some point, I almost dozed off...

"Alexander, I'm going home," she said in my ear.

"What? Why?" I asked and woke up again.

She came closer to me and whispered in my ear: "I really need a clean pair of panties."

"Okay! Then I'll at least walk you to the bike. I got so tired for some reason," I smiled.

In the garage, she picked up her bike, we said goodbye with a kiss and she drove off.

It was to be my first and last meeting with Katharina, because the following week she would meet another guy and label our meeting as a one-night stand.

Learning from this stage of life: If I show my feelings when I dance and present myself vulnerably instead of behaving like a pompous, emotionless macho with high testosterone levels, I automatically arouse the interest of women in the club and they approach me on their own.