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Free Fall: How Bodies Fall Downwards Due to Gravity

Important Formula

Formula: Free Fall
What do the formula symbols mean?

Gravitational acceleration

On earth it has approximately the value \( g = 9.8 \, \frac{\mathrm{m}}{\mathrm{s}^2} \). On Jupiter this acceleration of a body towards Jupiter would be larger, because Jupiter has a much larger mass.

Gravitational force

It is the force that pulls all bodies to the ground.


Mass of the body on which the gravitational force is exerted.
Falling force (weight) acts on a mass Hover the image!

Free fall is a motion in which a body with mass \( \class{brown}{m} \) is only subject to the influence of the gravitational force \( F_{\text g} \). No other forces, such as those due to air resistance or buoyancy, are acting. In free fall, a body experiences only the gravitational acceleration \( g \), which accelerates the body towards the ground.

Gravitational Force (Weight) Acts on a Mass
Gravitational Force (Weight) Acts on a Mass
Distance Traveled in Free Fall from Zero Starting Height

Free fall with air resistance

Without air resistance, the body would accelerate continuously until it hits the ground. The air resistance results in a constant final speed during free fall.

When the body falls, its speed increases. However, as the speed increases, the force \(F_{\text s}\), which is caused by air resistance and slows the body down, also increases:

As soon as the force of air resistance and the opposing falling force \(F_{\text g} = m \, g \) add up to zero, a balance of forces is established:

Anders ausgedrückt: Es wirken keine Kräfte auf den Körper mehr, und er fällt mit einer konstanten Geschwindigkeit \(v\) zu Boden, die aus der Fallkraft \(m\,g\) sowie 4 und 4 berechnet werden kann: