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Rolling Motion

Important Formula

Formula: Energy of Rolling Motion
What do the formula symbols mean?

Total energy

Total energy of a rolling body is composed of the rotational energy and the kinetic energy of the translational motion.


Linear velocity of the center of mass of the body. This velocity indicates how fast the body is rolling.


Total mass of the rolling body.

Moment of inertia

Moment of inertia for an axis of rotation passing through the center of mass of the body.

Angular velocity

The angular velocity indicates the angle covered per time, that is how fast the body rotates.
A Rolling Ring and its Center of Mass

Rolling motion refers to the type of motion that a cylindrical or round body performs on a surface as it moves forward by rolling about its own axis. Unlike sliding motion, in which a body glides over a surface, a rolling body actually rotates about its axis as it moves forward.

A Rolling Ring and its Center of Mass