Formula: Drude Model Electric Current Density    Electric field (E field)    Mean free time    Electron density   

Formula: Drude Model
Scattering of an Electron - Drude Model

Current Density

Electric current density represents the current passing through a cross-sectional area.

Electric field (E field)

Applied external electric field causing a current density \(j\). As the E-field increases, the current density also increases.

Mean free time

Mean free time is the time that elapses between two collisions. During this time, the electron is accelerated collision-free by the electric field to the drift velocity.

Electron density

Electron density specifies the number of electrons per volume.


Mass of the electron. The rest mass of the electron is: \( m ~\approx~ 9.109 \,\cdot\, 10^{-31} \, \mathrm{kg} \).

Elementary charge

The elementary charge is a physical constant and is the smallest, freely existing electric charge in our universe. It has the exact value: $$ e ~=~ 1.602 \, 176 \, 634 ~\cdot~ 10^{-19} \, \mathrm{C} $$

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