Course: Fundamentals of Electrodynamics

Maxwell equations and electromagnetic waves
Electromagnetic wave (EM wave)
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    Questions & Answers What is the Difference Between Differential and Integral Form of Maxwell's Equations?
    Derivations & Experiments
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    Derivations & Experiments

    Derivation of the energy of the electric field (E-field) using the charging process of a sphere (and a plate capacitor).

    Derivation of the magnetic energy and energy density of the B-field using a current-carrying coil. The formulas are also valid in general.

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    Questions & Answers How Does an Electric Dipole Move in the (In)Homogeneous E-Field?
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    Derivations & Experiments
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Related Questions What is the Difference Between Electric and Magnetic Fields? How Does an Electric Dipole Move in the (In)Homogeneous E-Field?

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