Alexander Fufaev and His Never Ending Story

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary story of a young man determined to develop a completely unique personality the likes of which have never been seen before in the world.
Alexander Fufaev and His Never Ending Story

Alexander Fufaev (2023)

Hello dear reader! My name is Alexander Fu-fa-eV (Russian: Александр Фуфаев). I am a self-employed theoretical physicist and physics YouTuber. Originally, I come from Russia and emigrated to Germany with my mother and sisters when I was thirteen years old.

Every month, I bring the wonder of physics closer to an average of 100 thousand people on this website. My passion lies in picking the best attributes from various intriguing personalities (such as Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Elon Musk, Bodo Schäfer, Marie Kondō, and others) and applying them to myself, in order to develop my own personality and life to the fullest and achieve what these great individuals have accomplished: exceptional teaching, brilliant ideas, financial freedom, entrepreneurial thinking, becoming a role model for others, and much more. I will share my insights with you in this eBook.


  • become a role model and change the worldview of a person
  • have better love relationships
  • overcome difficult phases in your life
  • overcome all fears.
  • really live sustainably
  • achieve financial freedom at 30 or earlier
  • incorporate minimalism into your life to be more independent of people and things.


  • Strange childhood and youth
  • Successful and toxic relationships
  • Passionate and bad sex
  • Physics, student life and ingenious ideas
  • Paranormal phenomena and beliefs
  • Overcoming fear and grief
  • Utopias of a new kind of personality and society.

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Alexander Fufaev and His Never Ending Story

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Alexander Fufaev and His Never Ending Story

Frequently asked questions

Is there anywhere to test read the book?

Yes, on the Amazon page.

What was the topic of your master's thesis?

Charge density waves in alternating spinless fermion ladders (PDF)

What was the topic of your bachelor thesis?

Transport measurements on the (fractional) quantum Hall effect in a Corbino geometry. (German, PDF)

How do you pronounce your name?

My last name Fufaev is pronounced FU-FÁ-YEF. The A is accented.

+ Perfect for high school and undergraduate physics students
+ Contains over 500 illustrated formulas on just 140 pages
+ Contains tables with examples and measured constants
+ Easy for everyone because without vectors and integrals

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